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13 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

business Route to Crash Site Nears Completion

French police have made progress toward opening up a full access route to the site where the Germanwings plane smashed into the French Alps.

16 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

business Volvo Cars plans to open its first U.S. plant

Volvo Cars is planning to build an assembly plant in the U.S.

19 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

business 2 U.S. agents charged with fraud during Silk Road inquiry

Two former federal agents have been charged with stealing digital currency during their investigation into an online black market that allowed users to buy and sell drugs and other illegal items.

25 minutes ago // ABC

business StubHub Files Lawsuit Against Ticketmaster

StubHub files lawsuit against Ticketmaster, Golden State Warriors over ticket resale policy

28 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

business Election Defeat Highlights Split in Hollande's Party

The heavy defeat of Franois Hollandes Socialist Party in local elections has resurfaced deep conflicts within the French left and cast a dark cloud over the presidents re-election hopes in 2017.

28 minutes ago // ABC

business Volvo Cars Plans to Open Its First US Plant

Volvo Cars plans to open its first US plant; will announce location next month

29 minutes ago // USA Today

business Kubrick's '2001' shuttle bought for $344,000

The film academy pays $344,000 for the rare Stanley Kubrick '2001' prop.

30 minutes ago // CNN

business Boom! The Dow is surging 275+ points

Investors woke up Monday with a smile thanks to mega mergers and talk of more stimulus from China.

30 minutes ago // UPI

business Australia eyes new air search radar

Richard TomkinsCANBERRA, Australia, March 30 UPI -- Air search radar development project gets first pass approval from Australian government.

34 minutes ago // The Washington Post

business Wonkblog: Losing a job is always terrible. For workers over 50, its worse.

At first blush, it wouldn't appear that older workers have it all that bad intoday's economy. They got their start long before the economy's Troubles really began seven years ago or even 17 years ago. They had time to sock away money while times were still good.

37 minutes ago // USA Today

business Mercedes-AMG prices its 155-mph C63 sedan

As if the C63 wasn't hot enough, the S version has a top speed of 180 mph

37 minutes ago // The Washington Post

business Ellen Pao lost her trial. But the conversation about sexism in Silicon Valley it triggered has just begun.

Ellen Pao lost her gender discrimination and retaliation suit against her former employer, venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, on Friday. But the trial succeeded on at least one majorfront: Everyone is talking about sexism in Silicon Valley now.

38 minutes ago // The Guardian

business Egg McMuffins for dinner? McDonalds considers all-day breakfast menu

Amid declining sales and quirky promotions, the fast food giant will test an all-day breakfast menu in San Diego in the coming months Continue reading...

39 minutes ago // The Guardian

business FTSE lifted by Chinese growth hopes and strong start on Wall Street

US market surges after series of deals unveiled and positive comments from China Continue reading...

40 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

business Progress Made in Opening Access Route to Germanwings Crash Site

French police have made progress toward opening up a full access route to the site where the Germanwings plane smashed into the French Alps.

40 minutes ago // ABC

business Dunkin' Donuts Eyes Shift to All Cage-Free Eggs Globally

Dunkin' Donuts looking to transition to all cage-free eggs globally

47 minutes ago // VOA

business Spotify Hits PlayStation, Replacing Sony's Own Music Service

Spotify is coming to the PlayStation, replacing Sony's own Music Unlimited service, as the company continues to expand the game console into an entertainment hub beyond video games. Spotify hits the PlayStation 3 and 4 on Monday, with a new app adapted for large television screens. Sony says partnering with Spotify expands its music service to 41 countries, rather than the 19 available with Music Unlimited, and offers better tools for playlists and music discovery. PlayStation users ha

49 minutes ago // VOA

business US Military Faces High-Tech Recruiting Challenge

The U.S. military faces a challenge recruiting people with the high-tech skills it needs for the future as those who joined after the September 11, 2001 attacks leave the service and the U.S. economy creates more jobs, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said on Monday. Carter, in a speech at his former high school, said the military has to attract about 250,000 people a year just to keep up with those who retire or leave the service to pursue jobs, education and other opportunities in the civilia

49 minutes ago // The Washington Post

business If Steve Jobs made Apple cool, Tim Cook is making it human

In an op-ed in Monday's Washington Post, Apple chief executive Cook spoke out strongly against an Indiana law that would allows businesses to refuse service to certain people -- such as gay or lesbian customers -- for religious reasons. Cook, who is the first openly gay chief executive in the Fortune 500, wrote that this law and others like it "rationalize injustice" and could undo "decades of progress" the country has made toward equal rights. Alluding to his personal experiences growing up in

50 minutes ago // The Guardian

business Tesco to reduce number of charges imposed on suppliers

Supermarkets chief executive Dave Lewis announces plan to cut ways it can demand payment from suppliers from 24 to three by 2017 Continue reading...

51 minutes ago // The Washington Post

business Wonkblog: Charted: The life and death of every major Walking Dead character

WARNING: Spoilers everywhere.The fifth season ofThe Walking Deadwrapped up last night with surprisingly little bloodshed and a record number major characters -- 18 of them, in fact -- surviving to headin to the next season.

52 minutes ago // USA Today

business Manhattan matzo factory to close after 90 years

Located on Manhattan's Lower East Side, Streit's Matzos produces over 1700 pounds of matzo per hour, and will soon be relocating.

53 minutes ago // The Guardian

business Angela Merkel warns Greece that reform plan must add up - business live

All the latest economic and financial news, as the Greek government struggles to persuade its lenders to release much-needed funds before the eurozone crisis erupts againLatest: Greek proposals emerge

1 hour ago // The Times of India

business The first photos of Apple's next iPhone might have just leaked

The photo shows what the website is calling the "iPhone 6c," and blog Future Supplier first published the images.

1 hour ago // BBC

business Miners keep FTSE 100 higher

Miners prop up the wider London market, encouraged by talk of more infrastructure spending in China.

1 hour ago // The Telegraph

business AA looks to investors to reduce debt levels

The AA is a cash generative and steady business but it is carrying a heavy debt burden and Questor would avoid for now.

1 hour ago // Wall Street Journal

business ECB Faces German Debt Shortage

The European Central Bank may have to tweak the rules of its massive bond-buying program because German debt is in short supply.

1 hour ago // The Washington Post

business Wonkblog: How the nations largest health insurer is fighting high drug prices

You don't have to look far these days to find stories about the rising costs of prescription drugs. By one count, drug spending jumped 13 percent last year, the highest annual increase in more than a decade. And health insurers have spent the better part of the past year warning anyone who'll listen that the new medications will come with high price tags that will strain the health-care system's ability to afford suchmedical advances.

1 hour ago // The Washington Post

business Wonkblog: After a story is published, a minimum wage worker loses her job

Shanna Tippen was another hourly worker at the bottom of the nations economy, looking forward to a 25 cent bump in the Arkansas minimum wage that would make it easier for her to buy diapers for her grandson. When I wrote about her in the Post last month, she said the minimum wage hike would bring her a bit of financial relief, but it wouldnt lift her above the poverty line.

1 hour ago // Boston Herald

business US stocks move higher, led by gains in energy companies

Encouraging economic data on housing and consumer spending helped drive U.S. stocks sharply higher in midday trading Monday. Energy stocks were among the biggest gainers, bucking a slide in the price of crude oil. Expectations that any increase in the Federal Reserve's key interest rate this year will be gradual also helped lift the market.

1 hour ago // ABC

business Small Investors Blame Bad Advice From Brokers for Big Losses

Why you should be careful when taking advice from your stockbroker

1 hour ago // The Telegraph

business Questor share tip: Hold defensive shares in Compass

Compass is a solid defensive share but looks highly rated for now. Questor says hold

1 hour ago // Reuters

business VW halts production for three weeks at Brazil plant - union

SAO PAULO, March 30 Reuters - Volkswagen AG has furloughed 4,200 workers at its second largest factory in Brazil for three weeks, a local union said on Monday, as a demand crisis forces domestic carmakers to manage excess capacity.

1 hour ago // CNN

business George Soros: I may invest $1 billion in Ukraine

Veteran hedge fund investor George Soros says he's ready to invest $1 billion in Ukraine as part of a broader effort by the West to shore up the war-ravaged economy.

1 hour ago // Reuters

business UPDATE 3-S.African Trevor Noah to replace Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show'

March 30 Reuters - Comedian Trevor Noah, a relative newcomer to U.S. television, will replace Jon Stewart as the new host of the Emmy Award-winning, late-night parody newscast "The Daily Show," Comedy Central said on Monday.

1 hour ago // The New York Times

business New York Times Co. Appoints Kinsey Wilson to Expanded Digital Role

Mr. Wilson, an editor for strategy and innovation, will become executive vice president for product and technology.