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9 minutes ago // Fox News

world Scotland independence referendum: High turnout seen in historic vote

Voters in Scotland turned out in unprecedented numbers for an independence referendum and early results Friday suggested they wanted to keep Scotland's 307-year union with England.

16 minutes ago // BBC

world PM says Wales must have more say

Prime Minister David Cameron says Wales and the other UK nations must get more of a say over their affairs.

16 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

world Scotland to Stay in U.K.

Voters in Scotland rejected a heated bid for independence, providing a narrow escape for a British government that scrambled to dole out promises of new local powers for Edinburgh to head off the breakup of a 307-year-old union.

18 minutes ago // The Washington Post

world Heres one Iraqi town where the Islamic State has no friends

THULUYAH, Iraq The metal-hulled boats carry out the wounded for treatment, as well as fruit to sell at market. In, they bring supplies of cooking gas, medicine and ammunition. Cocooned in a bend in the Tigris River, this town shaded by orange trees and date palm groves has long relied on the waterway. But since Islamic State militants blew up the last bridge into Thuluyah last week, the river is the only way in or out complicating efforts to resupply and reinforce beleaguered

19 minutes ago // BBC

world First minister to discuss 'No' vote

Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson is to talk to his Welsh counterpart Carwyn Jones later on the implications of the 'No' vote in the Scottish referendum.

20 minutes ago // Reuters

world South Korea fires warning shots at North's patrol boat

SEOUL Reuters - South Korea fired warning shots on Friday after a North Korean patrol boat crossed a disputed maritime border to the west of the divided peninsula, the South's military said.

21 minutes ago // Boston Herald

world Scots reject independence in historic vote

EDINBURGH, Scotland Scottish voters have resoundingly rejected independence, deciding to remain part of the United Kingdom after a historic referendum that shook the country to its core.The decision prevented a rupture of a 307-year union with England, bringing a huge sigh of relief to Britain's political establishment, including Prime Minister David Cameron, who faced calls for his resignation if Scotland had broken away.The vote on Thursday 55 percent against independ

21 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

world Cameron to Increase U.K. Devolution

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron pledged to honor his commitment to devolve more powers to Scotland's semi-autonomous government, but said England, Wales, and Northern Ireland should also have greater independence.

23 minutes ago // The Washington Post

world In decisive vote, Scotland rejects independence, sticks with the U.K.

EDINBURGH, Scotland Given a historic chance to go it alone as an independent nation, Scottish voters early Friday chose to stick with the United Kingdom following a campaign that was marked by extraordinary turnout and profound division.

24 minutes ago // Reuters

world Fiji ruler looks set to win poll, but opponents spotlight fraud

SYDNEY Reuters - Fiji's strongman ruler looked set on Friday to sail to victory in the South Pacific island nation's first elections after eight years of military rule, a contest praised by regional leaders and observers, but clouded by opposition accusations of fraud.

24 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Mother jailed for sending semi-naked photos of daughters to dance teacher

Woman weeps in dock as judge describes her failed dance career and how she fell under spell of instructor Grant Davies Continue reading...

25 minutes ago // MSNBC

world Still United! Scotland Remains Part of Britain After Historic Vote

The United Kingdom remained intact Friday after 55.3 percent of Scottish voters rejected independence in a record-breaking national referendum.

31 minutes ago // ABC

world Militants Threaten Ancient Sites in Iraq, Syria

Millennia-old archaeological sites in Iraq and Syria face looting, destruction under militants

31 minutes ago // ABC

world Airlines Halt Flights to Yemen Amid Fighting

Airlines halt flight to Yemeni capital amid fighting between Shiite rebels and Sunni militias

32 minutes ago // BBC

world Pound and shares rise on 'No' vote

Sterling surges in the currency markets while the FTSE 100 share index opens higher as Scotland rejects independence.

33 minutes ago // Fox News

world Airlines halt flight to Yemeni capital amid fighting between Shiite rebels and Sunni militias

Yemen's civil aviation authority says foreign airlines have halted flights into the main international airport in the capital because of heavy fighting in Sanaa between Shiite rebels and Sunni militias.

33 minutes ago // Fox News

world Millennia-old archaeological sites in Iraq and Syria face looting, destruction under militants

For more than 5,000 years, numerous civilizations have left their mark on upper Mesopotamia — from Assyrians and Akkadians to Babylonians and Romans.

34 minutes ago // Reuters

world Scots spurn independence but impatient for new powers

EDINBURGH Reuters - Scotland spurned independence in a historic referendum that threatened to rip the United Kingdom apart, sow financial turmoil and diminish Britains remaining global clout.

35 minutes ago // Al Jazeera

world Scotland voters reject independence

Scottish leader concedes defeat in landmark referendum as majority of voters choose to stay within the United Kingdom.

36 minutes ago // BBC

world 'Scotland writes history' - the papers

While papers went to press before the results of Scotland's independence referendum were declared, the story is nonetheless on front pages.

37 minutes ago // ABC

world AP Photos: Scenes From Iraq's Mosul Then and Now

AP Photos: Scenes from Iraq's second largest city before militant takeover

41 minutes ago // BBC

world Teenager dies in car crash

A teenager has died following a car crash in County Down.

41 minutes ago // BBC

world Teenager dies in car crash

A teenager dies following a car crash in County Down on the main coast road between Newcastle and Annalong.

46 minutes ago // New York Times

world Scots Reject Independence From Britain in Historic Vote

Scotland decisively turned away a bid for secession in a referendum that would have broken a 307-year union. Alex Salmond, who led the campaign for independence, conceded defeat.

46 minutes ago // New York Times

world Scots Reject Independence From Britain in Historic Vote

By a wide margin, Scotland chose not to become an independent country. The leader of the campaign for secession conceded defeat.

52 minutes ago // BBC

world In full: Cameron on UK future

The full text of Prime Minister David Cameron's statement after the Scottish referendum on independence on 18 September 2014.

53 minutes ago // CBS

world Search for missing airliner to resume at month's end

Searchers will focus farther south than before for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

55 minutes ago // The Independent

world Eight bodies found in village latrine after attack on Guinea Ebola education team

Eight bodies were found in a village latrine in rural Guinea after an attack on a team trying to educate locals of the risks on Ebola, a government spokesperson said on Thursday.

1 hour ago // The Telegraph

world Landmarks in animation history: from Mickey Mouse to Simpsons

The first cartoon talking picture, Walt Disney's Steamboat Willie, featuring Mickey Mouse, was shown on this day in 1928

1 hour ago // Reuters

world China to try former senior planning official for corruption

BEIJING Reuters - A Chinese court will next week try a former deputy head of its top planning agency with corruption, state media said on Friday, after allegations against him were posted online and as the government pursues a high-profile campaign to root out graft.

1 hour ago // BBC

world Pound surges on Scottish 'No' vote

Sterling hits a two-year high against the euro and a two-week high against the US dollar in Asian trade, as Scotland rejects independence.

1 hour ago // CBS

world Sierra Leone residents ordered confined to homes in response to Ebola

During the four-day lockdown, volunteers will attempt to identify victims in hiding in order to slow the epidemic

1 hour ago // BBC

world Cameron: Let's build a better UK

PM David Cameron says it is time for millions of voices in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to be heard after Scotland votes to stay in the UK.

1 hour ago // Reuters

world Brazil's Rousseff gains on Silva ahead of October election: poll

BRASILIA Reuters - President Dilma Rousseff has gained support among Brazilian voters and is almost even with opposition candidate Marina Silva, suggesting the runoff that should decide next month's presidential election is too close to call, according to a new poll on Friday.

1 hour ago // Al Jazeera

world Houthi rebels push into Yemeni capital

Residents and officials say Shia fighters advancing along Thalatheen Street, a major route into western edge of Sanaa.

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world Scottish voters opt to stay with Britain

Voters in Scotland have rejected independence from Britain, opting to preserve a more than 300-year-old union in a referendum Thursday that sent shock waves through Europe and opened the door to continuing political tumult in Britain.