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18 minutes ago // Al Jazeera

world Ebola burial team attacked in Sierra Leone

Health workers burying Ebola victims come under attack on second day of national curfew to stop spread of disease.

20 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Afghanistan presidential candidates strike power-sharing deal

Bitter election feud between rivals Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani may jeopardise the future of the unity government Continue reading...

25 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Secret Service faces new scrutiny following White House breach

The Secret Service is stepping up its patrols around theWhite Houseafter an intruder was able to scale the fence Friday and make it all the way into the building before being wrestled to the ground by security officers.

26 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world U.S. seeks redemption in Ryder Cup

No one should worry about Billy Horschel getting pumped up for the Ryder Cup. He has a plan.

27 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Michigan State, Georgia, Wisconsin roll to lopsided victories

Connor Cook threw two touchdown passes and ran for a score and No. 11 Michigan STate scored the third-most points in program history, smashing Eastern Michigan, 73-14, on Saturday in East Lansing, Mich.

31 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Jacqui Lambie says criticism over burqa post is a 'gross overreaction'

PUP senator says she has been viciously attacked by photographer Lana Slezic, whose image of Taliban victim Malalai Kakar Lambie used as anti-burqa propaganda Continue reading...

31 minutes ago // MSNBC

world Alan Henning's Wife Pleads With ISIS For His Release

The wife of the British aid worker whom ISIS has threatened with execution called her husband a "peaceful, selfless man" in a plea for his release.

36 minutes ago // BBC

world After the referendum, the political rows - the papers

Sunday's papers lead on bitter rows between Labour and the Tories on the question of Scottish Mps voting on English matters, and also on internal Conservative Party conflict.

39 minutes ago // BBC

world Salmond: 'No' voters were 'tricked'

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond says "No" voters in last week's independence referendum were "tricked" by a late vow of more devolved powers.

40 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Rand Paul blisters Obama and Clinton, calls for GOP diversity

Fewer than 50 days before an election that may give Republicans control of the Senate as well as the House, Sen. Rand Paul R-Ky. on Saturday skipped past those contests entirely to focus on one in which he may play a more central role the 2016 presidential race.

41 minutes ago // BBC

world Scottish ministers 'back Sturgeon'

Half the Scottish cabinet are publicly backing Alex Salmond's deputy, Nicola Sturgeon, to replace him as SNP leader and first minister.

42 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world After a long timeout for basketball, Darren Fells is set for NFL debut

When Darren Fells' heart told him not to play football in college, even though he had been an all-state receiver at Fullerton High and had his pick of scholarships from UCLA and other schools, he followed his instincts and accepted a basketball scholarship from UC Irvine.

44 minutes ago // ABC

world State Media: Suicide Car Bomber Kills 3 in Lebanon

State media: Suicide car bomber kills 3 at Hezbollah checkpoint in east Lebanon

55 minutes ago // MSNBC

world Hannah Graham Search Stirs 'Debilitating' Memories

Five girls have disappeared from the Charlottesville area in the last five years, with 18-year-old Hannah Graham the latest.

56 minutes ago // The Guardian

world 'Ebola makes you a risk to yourself: touching your face can infect you'

As Sierra Leoneans endure a lockdown to contain the virus, Monica Mark reports from Freetown on her own anxiety visiting hospitals and villages, and the key role of charities in fighting the epidemic Continue reading...

56 minutes ago // The Independent

world Alan Henning kidnapping: British aid worker's wife appeals to Isis to release him

The wife of a British aid worker held hostage by Islamic State militants has urged his captors to see it in their hearts to release him.

58 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Yemeni government reaches agreement with Shia Houthi rebels

The deal will 'advance the path of peaceful change,' says UN special envoy, following weeks of violence in Sanaa Continue reading...

59 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world L.A. Councilman Bernard Parks finds himself in political wilderness

For much of the past decade, Los Angeles City Councilman Bernard C. Parks has been a force at City Hall. He helped topple a mayor, played a key role in steering the city through the Great Recession and served as a counterweight to the political pull of organized labor.

59 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Unique Australian Rules program for Indigenous students in Cairns makes closing the gap a reality

Former footballer Rick Hanlon established Cape York House, but says its not about developing footballers its about developing young men wholl have a chance at life Continue reading...

1 hour ago // The Independent

world Matthew Miller: The American film-maker who fell foul of North Korea

Preston Somerset was, by all accounts, just another lost soul in Seoul. The young man had no close friends, no job and gave little indication of an interest in the tumultuous affairs of nuclear North Korea.

1 hour ago // The Independent

world Blasphemy laws silence another voice in Karachi

Professor Muhammad Shakeel Auj knew very well that not everyone agreed with his moderate views about Islam. There had been messages and threats over the years, some of them serious enough to warrant reporting to the police.

1 hour ago // The Independent

world Ebola in Liberia: First-hand tragedy of a teenage mother behind the quarantine fence 'We begged, take the baby to hospital... They refused'

Princess Mayers sobs as she describes how Ebola has destroyed her life. The 17-year-old Liberian, whose story The Indepen

1 hour ago // The Independent

world Ebola outbreak: Collapse of three African states possible

West Africas Ebola epidemic threatens the collapse of three entire states, a Liberian minister has warned. Speaking exclusively to The Independent on Sunday, information minister Lewis Brown said that the international media had failed to appreciate the scale of an epidemic that has gone beyond a health crisis

1 hour ago // The Independent

world Joe Biden: The American Vice-President and his big mouth

Joe Biden might want to ponder a variation on the maxim about wishing he hadnt left his bed on days that turn out especially badly. He should be wishing he had missed all of last week, which began with an unfortunate Shylock quip, ended with his praising a disgraced former US senator and had something about the Orient in between.

1 hour ago // The Independent

world Where are today's Roosevelts?

Like millions of Americans, I spent two hours every evening last week in front of the television, mesmerised by the latest work of master-documentarian Ken Burns, a seven-part epic about the political family that, more than any other in US history, changed this country.

1 hour ago // The Independent

world Isis in Syria: 60,000 Kurds flee terror in new exodus

Sheltering from the sun in the shade of a parked car, Mohammad Ali sits with his family, bewildered and exhausted after their three-day ordeal, a sack of potatoes at his feet.

1 hour ago // The Independent

world New Zealand Prime Minister John Key wins third term as scandals fail to stick

Shrugging off revelations of dirty tricks, claims of mass surveillance and even a lawsuit by Eminem, John Key was yesterday celebrating his third straight election victory and an outright majority for his conservative National Party, the first since New Zealand embraced proportional representation nearly 20 years ago.

1 hour ago // The Independent

world Nothing will stop Isis except a Syrian truce

If the United States and its allies want to combat the Islamic State jihadists IS, formerly known as Isis successfully, they should arrange a ceasefire between the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the non-IS Syrian opposition. Neither the Syrian army nor the moderate Syrian rebels are strong enough to stop IS if th

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world Gov. Jerry Brown approves bills to expand bike trails

Gov. Jerry Brown on Saturday signed two measures aimed at helping cities and counties expand and improve bike paths and trails, including one allowing local ballot measures to pay for the work.

1 hour ago // New York Times

world U.N. Reports Yemen Deal With Rebels

Fighting between the transitional government and Shiite rebels continued Saturday in the streets of the capital, Sana

1 hour ago // CBS

world Democratic candidate stripped from some Kansas Senate ballots

But as an independent candidate threatens GOP Sen. Pat Roberts, state Republicans are pushing Democrats to name a replacement

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world Dodgers, Angels keep fingers crossed on Hanley Ramirez, Josh Hamilton

The Angels open the playoffs in 11 days. They plan to put Josh Hamilton in the lineup and hope for the best.

1 hour ago // ABC

world Full Episode: GMA 9/20: Apple Fans Excited For iPhone 6 Release!

New Warning System May Prevent Children From Drowning; 'Honey Boo Boo's' Parents Split Up

1 hour ago // BBC

world UK hostage's wife in appeal to IS

The wife of a British taxi driver being held hostage by Islamic State appeals to the militants to "see it in their hearts" to release him.

1 hour ago // Boston Herald

world Tempers flare during Sierra Leones Ebola curfew

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa Sierra Leones nationwide round-the-clock curfew, designed to halt the spread of the Ebola virus, triggered a clash in the streets Saturday as residents attacked a burial team clad in biohazard suits, forcing them to abandon the bodies and flee.The curfew, in the second of its three days, closed much of the country and stranded all but essential services workers and health volunteers at home.

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world Ex-La Jolla synagogue executive gets 18 months in embezzlement

The former executive director of Congregation Beth El synagogue in La Jolla has been sentenced to 18 months in prison after pleading guilty to embezzling more than $540,000 from the synagogue over fiveyears, federal prosecutors said Monday.