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16 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

world India, Pakistan Trade Fire in Kashmir

India and Pakistan traded gunfire in the disputed Kashmir region early Saturday, killing two villagers on each side and wounding several others.

19 minutes ago // Al Jazeera

world Tripoli airport 'seized by Islamist militia'

Fighters battling nationalist militias say they have taken control of airport in Libyan capital after days of clashes.

19 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

world Little Progress in Hiroshima Rescue

Rescue efforts to find 47 missing people in Hiroshima, western Japan, continued Friday with little success, more than two days after a series of powerful landslides claimed at least 40 lives in hillside neighborhoods

21 minutes ago // Reuters

world Forces from Libyan city of Misrata say they seized Tripoli airport

TRIPOLI/BENGHAZI Libya Reuters - Forces from the Libyan city of Misrata on Saturday seized Tripoli's main airport after more than a month of fighting with a rival group, a Misrata spokesman said.

28 minutes ago // New York Times

world Pakistan and India Trade Fire

The volume of shelling has increased since Monday between India and Pakistan in the Jammu region, after India called off a scheduled meeting of foreign secretaries with casualties on both sides.

29 minutes ago // CBS

world Fashionistas hit the road to follow their passion

Following a surge in food trucks, fashion trucks provide creative way for entrepreneurs to break into the business

31 minutes ago // BBC

world Protesters gather at Galloway event

More than a hundred protesters have gathered outside the Ulster Hall, where MP George Galloway is taking part in a public speaking event.

31 minutes ago // ABC

world Watch: What's Next for US in Fight Against ISIS?

US officials are on high alert over a possible "lone wolf" attack in retaliation for airstrikes against ISIS.

32 minutes ago // CBS

world GOP chairman condemns Obama's vacation during crises

Republican National Committee head Reince Priebus slams the president for golfing on Martha's Vineyard, asking "Where are his priorities?"

32 minutes ago // New York Times

world Many Migrants Feared Dead After Boat Sinks Off Libya

As many as 200 people were aboard the boat that went down about a half-mile off the coast.

35 minutes ago // New York Times

world Germany Pledges Aid for Ukraine as Russia Hails Returning Convoy

The trucks delivered food, water and other supplies to Luhansk, while Ms. Merkel pledged $662 million for reconstruction and $33 million for refugees.

36 minutes ago // VOA

world Sierra Leone Criminalizes Hiding Ebola Patients

Sierra Leone has passed a law that makes it illegal to harbor people with Ebola. Under the new law, anyone found hiding an Ebola patient could face up to two years in jail. Sierra Leone's parliament passed the law late Friday. The World Heath Organization says people may hide their stricken relatives rather than face the stigma and social rejection associated with the virus. It says others may view Ebola care wards as places where patients get sicker and die. Meanwhile, on Saturday, Brit

36 minutes ago // Newsvine

world Iceland's Bardarbunga Volcano Update: Eruption in Progress, Airspace Over Volcano Closed

Iceland's Meteorological Office says a small lava eruption has begun underneath a glacier at the Bardarbunga volcano, prompting the country to close the airspace over the volcano, the Associated Press reports. Seismic data showed ice melting beneath the Vatnajokull glacier, but …

39 minutes ago // New York Times

world Populists Brash Tactics Stir Fears of Crisis in Pakistan

Imran Khan, the former cricketer turned opposition leader, led thousands of supporters to the capital a week ago, but his protest movement has been messy and inconclusive.

39 minutes ago // Sky News

world Gaza: 'Israeli Airstrike' Hits Apartment Block

Israel is said to have launched the attack after warning Hamas would pay a "heavy price" for the death of a four-year-old boy.

43 minutes ago // USA Today

world China: Criticism of U.S. jet encounter 'groundless'

Chinese Defense Ministry says pilot acted professionally and kept fighter jet within safe distance of U.S. aircraft.

46 minutes ago // BBC

world S Leone to punish hiding Ebola cases

Sierra Leone passes a law making the sheltering of Ebola patients illegal, as Ivory Coast shuts land borders to prevent the spread of the virus.

54 minutes ago // USA Today

world Subglacial volcanic eruption begins in Iceland

The Bardarbunga volcano has been rattled by thousands of earthquakes over the past week.

54 minutes ago // Sky News

world Blasts In Iraq As UN Warns Of Town 'Massacre'

Bomb attacks in cities including Baghdad leave dozens dead as concerns grow for 17,000 residents cut off from aid by militants.

55 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Box office: 'If I Stay' tops sluggish Friday numbers

If I Stay, a teen love story of sorrow and grief, topped a sluggish box office Friday, leading a late-summer season marked by villains in space, a Ninja Turtles comeback and the inky, graphic-novelviolence of a city in sin and a dame in trouble.

55 minutes ago // Reuters

world Egypt calls for Gaza ceasefire as fighting rages

GAZA/CAIRO Reuters - Egypt called on Israel and the Palestinians on Saturday to halt hostilities and resume peace talks but both sides kept up attacks, including an Israeli air strike which destroyed a residential tower block in the centre of Gaza City.

56 minutes ago // BBC

world Oldest book prize winners unveiled

A novel inspired by the daily toil of a shepherdess and a biography of a Booker prize-winning author win the UK's oldest literary awards.

1 hour ago // NPR

world WATCH: Shark Vs. Grouper. Shark Loses.

A couple of anglers fishing off the Fla. coast hook a four-foot Blacktip shark. And then ...

1 hour ago // The Washington Post

world In deaths of civilians in Gaza, U.S. weapons sales to Israel come under scrutiny

RAFAH, Gaza Strip An Israeli missile attack that killed 10 civilians sheltering in a U.N. school here early this month prompted a call for restraint from the U.S. government over what the State Department described as a disgraceful act.

1 hour ago // Newsvine

world 'Underestimated' Ebola outbreak spreads

Ebola continues to spread in West Africa as Sierra Leone voted to pass a new amendment imposing jail time for anyone caught hiding an Ebola patient. With 142 new cases recorded, the total number is now 2,615 with 1,427 deaths, the World Health Organization said Friday. The …

1 hour ago // The Guardian

world Volcanic eruption beneath Iceland's Dyngjujkull glacier sparks red alert

Subglacial eruption, and seismic activity at the Brarbunga volcano, prompts officials to raise the aviation warning to red Continue reading...

1 hour ago // The Independent

world Rare acquittal for China murder convict on death row raises judicial reform hopes

In a case that some legal commentators are hoping will put pressure on China to reform its judicial system, a man who spent eight years on death row after being convicted of murdering two children has had his sentence overturned.

1 hour ago // Sky News

world Gaza: 'Israeli Airstrike' Hits Apartment Block

Israeli is said to have launched the attack after warning Hamas would pay a "heavy price" for the death of a four-year-old boy.

1 hour ago // Fox News

world Shias in Iraq town under ISIS siege face risk of 'massacre,' UN says

The United Nations warned Saturday that a northeast Iraq town under siege by Islamic State militants since June faces risk of a "massacre," if urgent action is not taken to rescue residents. 

1 hour ago // USA Today

world Israeli airstrike collapses Gaza apartment tower

Saturday's strike marked the first time an entire high-rise was toppled.

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world Kevin Love officially traded from Timberwolves to Cavaliers

It's official -- Kevin Love is a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

1 hour ago // Sky News

world Blasts In Iraq As UN Warns Of Town 'Massacre'

Bombings in a number of cities leave dozens dead as concerns are raised for 17,000 residents cut off from aid by Islamic fighters.

1 hour ago // Boston Herald

world Israeli airstrike collapses Gaza apartment tower

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip Israeli aircraft fired two missiles at a 12-story apartment tower in downtown Gaza City on Saturday, collapsing the building, sending a huge fireball into the sky and wounding at least 22 people, including 11 children, witnesses and Palestinian officials said.Israel has launched some 5,000 airstrikes against Gaza in nearly seven weeks of fighting with Hamas, but Saturday's strike marked the first time an entire high-rise was toppled. The explosion shook nearb

1 hour ago // The Telegraph

world Angela Merkel calls for Ukraine truce and urges strict controls on Russia's border

As rebels in Luhansk hand out tinned food and relief convoy returns to Russia, German chancellor holds crisis talks with Ukraine's president

1 hour ago // ABC

world Volcano Eruption Under Iceland Glacier Leads to Aviation Red Alert

An aviation red alert was issued by Iceland today after a volcano started to erupt with lava flowing under nearly 400 to 900 feet of ice.

1 hour ago // BBC

world Everton 2-2 Arsenal

Arsenal stage a dramatic late fight back to come back from two goals down and claim a point at Everton.