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20 minutes ago // BBC

world Funeral for Borneo murder victim

The funeral of a medical student who was stabbed to death in Borneo is taking place at a Derbyshire church.

20 minutes ago // BBC

world AUDIO: Lottery winner's ticket bin hunt

A woman who won 1m on a lottery scratchcard had an anxious wait while a shop assistant looked through a bin for the missing corner of their winning ticket.

25 minutes ago // Sky News

world Oz Mid-Air Emergency: Passenger Charged

Les Nixon, 82, is charged with prejudicing the safe operation of an aircraft after he allegedly tried to seize the controls.

29 minutes ago // ABC

world Syrian Rebels Seize Border Crossing With Israel

Syrian rebels capture border crossing with Israel in clashes with Assad's forces

31 minutes ago // Reuters

world Talks optimism fades as Ukraine says Russia makes new incursion

KIEV/DONETSK Ukraine Reuters - Ukraine accused Russian forces of launching a new military incursion across its border on Wednesday, a day after the leaders of both countries agreed to work towards ending a separatist war in the east of the country.

31 minutes ago // BBC

world Afghan election audit suspended

Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah withdraws observers from an audit of votes, citing concerns over fraud.

32 minutes ago // CBS

world Utah woman dumps her day-old baby girl in trash can, police say

Charged with suspicion of attempted murder after making what sheriff calls "very, very terrible decision"

33 minutes ago // ABC

world Report: Iran Redesigning Reactor as Part of Deal

Report: Iran's nuclear chief says country has started redesigning Arak reactor as part of deal

37 minutes ago // BBC

world VIDEO: Eighty years married and still in love

A couple who met in 1928 are celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary today and tell the BBC why they're still in love.

38 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Plane passenger charged after allegedly trying to grab controls

Les Nixon, 82, a Christian missionary with decades of flying experience charged with prejudicing safe operation of aircraft Continue reading...

39 minutes ago // CNN

world Ukraine's President urges 'resolute actions' to bring peace

Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko has made a call for peace following one-to-one talks in Belarus with Russia's President Vladimir Putin over the conflict wracking eastern Ukraine.

41 minutes ago // BBC

world Warnock named Crystal Palace manager

Crystal Palace appoint former boss Neil Warnock as their new manager after choosing him ahead of Steve Clarke.

41 minutes ago // BBC

world Warnock named Crystal Palace boss

Crystal Palace appoint former boss Neil Warnock as their new manager on a two-year deal after choosing him ahead of Steve Clarke.

43 minutes ago // CNN

world Panda faked pregnancy for buns?

A giant panda intended to be the star of the first ever live broadcast of the birth of panda cubs has lost the role -- after it was discovered the bear is not pregnant after all, Chinese state media reported.

43 minutes ago // BBC

world Scottish doctors elect new leader

The organisation that represents doctors has elected Glasgow-based consultant psychiatrist Dr Peter Bennie as its new Scottish chairman.

43 minutes ago // BBC

world Wales to host investment conference

Wales will host an international investment conference after the Nato summit, UK Business Secretary Vince Cable announces.

45 minutes ago // ABC

world 3 Playful Lion Cubs Debut at Johannesburg Zoo

3 playful lion cubs debut at Johannesburg Zoo, bringing a new generation and hope for breeding

45 minutes ago // Fox News

world 3 playful lion cubs debut at Johannesburg Zoo, bringing a new generation and hope for breeding

Three lion cubs have made their debut, pouncing their way into a large enclosure at the Johannesburg Zoo.

47 minutes ago // Reuters

world Deadline passed, no sign of breakthrough in Iran nuclear probe

VIENNA Reuters - Iran may have failed to meet a deadline for addressing U.N. concerns about suspected nuclear bomb research, but it could still act to influence a key report due next week, diplomatic sources said on Wednesday.

48 minutes ago // NPR

world French Prosecutors Put IMF's Lagarde Under Investigation

Christine Lagarde said the allegations of "simple negligence" stem from her days as finance minister under former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

49 minutes ago // CNN

world The easy way to become king

Don't like the country you live in? Why not create your own, as many people have done. We uncover the parallel world of "micronationalism."

49 minutes ago // The Washington Post

world WorldViews: Here are the key players fighting the war for Libya, all over again

While much of the world's attention has been focused on crises further east, the situation in Libya in the past few weeks has dissolved into the worst chaos since the 2011 war that ousted Moammar Gaddafi. With reports that Egypt and the United Arab Emirates are now getting involved,

50 minutes ago // Al Jazeera

world Kiev says Russian army convoy in east Ukraine

A day after Russia-Ukraine talks, Ukrainian army claims "up to 100" tanks and heavy weaponry crossed border from Russia.

50 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world North Carolina cutting film tax credit program

Even as California looks to substantially boost funding for its film tax credit, North Carolina may be exiting the Hollywood stage.

51 minutes ago // Al Jazeera

world WHO shuts down Sierra Leone Ebola laboratory

World Health Organisation closes facility after a health worker there was infected with deadly disease.

52 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

world Renzi Takes Aim at Italy's Slow Courts

The notoriously slow pace of Italian justice is a towering problem for Italy's economy and it is one of the toughest reforms facing Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who is expected to unveil a raft of measures to address the issue.

53 minutes ago // CNN

world Meet New Delhi's 'monkey chasers'

CNN's Sumnima Udas speaks with a man whose job is to chase mischievous monkeys away in New Delhi.

54 minutes ago // Reuters

world Afghan election audit disrupted as candidate threatens to walk out

KABUL Reuters - Afghanistan's deadlocked presidential election veered further off course on Wednesday after both candidates withdrew their observers from a U.N.-supervised audit of votes that was meant to resolve the crisis.

1 hour ago // Al Jazeera

world Lagarde questioned in French fraud probe

IMF chief and ex-finance minister in Nicolas Sarkozy's government faces probe over role in pay-out deal to businessman.

1 hour ago // Newsvine

world With Body Bags Returning from Ukraine, 'the War' Comes Home to Russians

This week, Russian journalists discovered a series of fresh graves in Pskov, belonging to soldiers who died under mysterious circumstances. On August 26, when more reporters tried to visit the cemetery where they were buried, anonymous men attacked them and told them never to r …

1 hour ago // CNN

world U.S. Coast Guard fires on Iranian fishing boat

The U.S. Coast Guard fired at an Iranian fishing dhow in the Persian Gulf after the Iranian boat pointed a machine gun at the American crew, the Navy said on Tuesday.

1 hour ago // The Guardian

world Lawman's burden: a growing immigration crisis

A south Texas sheriffs department with dwindling resources struggles to cope with a growing immigration crisis. Part four of Beyond the Border, a series from The Texas Observer and the Guardian Continue reading...

1 hour ago // Wall Street Journal

world Probe May Complicate Indonesian Cabinet Selection

Potential investigations into a controversial Indonesian bank bailout six years ago could complicate efforts by Indonesia's president-elect to form a cabinet.

1 hour ago // The Independent

world Giant panda in China fakes pregnancy to receive nicer food and round-the-clock care

The worlds first live broadcast of a panda birth has been called off after experts said the mother involved may have been faking the pregnancy to receive better treatment.

1 hour ago // ABC

world Germany Plans to Tighten EU Migration Rules

Germany planning to tighten migration rules for EU citizens, cutting down on welfare abuse

1 hour ago // The Washington Post

world Cease-fire between Israel and Hamas holding

GAZA CITY An open-ended cease-fire between Hamas and Israel was holding Wednesday after seven weeks of warfare that killed more than 2,200 people. The Israeli military said early Wednesday that there had been no reports of violations since the cease-fire with Gaza went into effect Tuesday evening. The army later said it responded to fire from across the border with Syria after an officer was injured earlier in the day.