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20 minutes ago // New York Times

world Chinas President Heads to Pakistan With Billions in Infrastructure Aid

The assistance, on a scale the United States never offered in the past decade of a close relationship with Pakistan, is likely to confirm the decline of American influence in that nation.

23 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Tony Abbott calls on all Australians to attend Anzac Day dawn services - video

The prime minister says all Australians should attend marches on Anzac Day this weekend. Abbott says he hopes Australians young and old will also turn up at dawn services to honour the memory of those that have died in war and peacekeeping operations on the 100th anniversary of the disastrous Gallipoli landings of the first world war Continue reading...

23 minutes ago // New York Times

world In Immigrant-Rich Queens, Vienna Convention Is Part of Criminal Court Routine

Only in a borough that is home to 1.1 million immigrants would a 1963 treaty designed to protect foreign nationals figure in the most mundane of legal proceedings.

26 minutes ago // Reuters

world Media reports say Mexican police were involved in January killings

MEXICO CITY Reuters - Three media outlets said on Sunday that Mexican federal police killed 16 unarmed people in two separate attacks in January, appearing to contradict an account by the federal government that the deaths could have been caused by friendly fire.

27 minutes ago // BBC

world Post Office 'failure' over shortfalls

The Post Office failed to discover the cause of large cash shortfalls at sub-post offices before starting civil and criminal proceedings against sub-postmasters, a report finds.

27 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Festival of Books: How soccer's Robbie Rogers beat fear to pen 'Coming Out'

Before football players Michael Sam and Jason Collins came out, Robbie Rogers was the name on everyone's lips when talking about gays in professional sports.

29 minutes ago // New York Times

world Attack on Soccer Fan Club Leaves 8 Dead in Brazil

A detective ruled out a fight between rival fan clubs but did not disclose any other motive for the attack. The police often investigate fan groups for ties to drug traffickers.

29 minutes ago // VOA

world US 'Reviewing Options' on North Korea Over Human Rights Violations

The United States is reviewing options to hold North Korean officials accountable for human rights violations. Were reviewing options related to accountability for North Korean officials responsible for serious human rights violations, which the Commission of Inquiry concluded in many instances may amount to crimes against humanity, a State Department spokesperson told VOA's Korean Service, in reference to a United Nations panel report on North Koreas human rights conditions

32 minutes ago // MSNBC

world 'They Should All Go Down': Eric Harris' Son Seeks Justice for Dad

The teenage son of Eric Harris said the Tulsa County deputy who shot and killed his father was too old to be on the streets.

32 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Islamic State video purportedly shows killing of Christians in Libya

In a gruesome replay of beheadings of captive Christians, an Islamic State video disseminated on social media Sunday purportedly shows the point-blank shootings and decapitations of two groups of Ethiopian Christians in Libya.

34 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Festival of Books: Roy Choi and Josh Kun on food, politics and L.A. history

In a conversation Sunday at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, author Josh Kun and author and chef Roy Choi discussed food, politics and L.A. history while offering a fascinating, in-depth preview of the book "To Live and Dine in L.A.: Menus and the Making of the Modern City."

36 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Venice homeless activists challenge beach curfew

Venice homeless advocates early Sunday defied the city's overnight beach curfew, sipping coffee and star-gazing well past the midnight cutoff.

37 minutes ago // New York Times

world Tehran Journal: Billboards in Iran Say Death to America, but Officials Say Lets Make a Deal

A group of American executives visited Iran and looked for opportunities if sanctions are eventually lifted.

41 minutes ago // MSNBC

world 'Hope and Serenity': Oklahoma Bombing 20 Years Later

Hundreds gathered Sunday at the former site of the Oklahoma federal building that was blasted by a truck bomb 20 years earlier to honor the 168 victims, the survivors and the spirit that helped Oklahoma through the worst terrorist attack the nation had ever seen.

42 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Festival of Books: Short stories differ from novels, but how exactly?

Regardless of subject matter, all novels are fundamentally about time, writer Jonathan Lethem says.

43 minutes ago // MSNBC

world 'Healthy' Man Dies in Baltimore Police Custody

A 27-year-old Baltimore man died Sunday after an encounter with police that left him with a severed spine, according to a lawyer for the man's family.

43 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world A heady new leaf for these budding pot entrepreneurs

The shimmery organza gift bags contained samples of face cream, salves and scrubs, a green marijuana-leaf label on each dainty jar.

45 minutes ago // New York Times

world T.H. Tsien, Scholar of Chinese Written Word, Dies at 105

Professor Tsien risked his life in 1941 to smuggle tens of thousands of rare volumes to safety at the Library of Congress amid the Japanese occupation of Shanghai.

48 minutes ago // CBS

world Plot revealed for "Star Wars" standalone film

"Rogue One," a prequel set before the events of the 1977 original, will involve rebel spies' efforts to steal the Death Star plans

50 minutes ago // BBC

world Migrant tragedy and SNP 'ransom note'

Many of Monday's papers lead with the story of the capsizing of a migrant ship in the Mediterranean, while others look at the SNP's possible demands to a future Labour government.

51 minutes ago // UPI

world Norway to become the first country to kill FM radio

Thor BensonOSLO, Norway, April 19 UPI -- Norway's Ministry of Culture has confirmed FM radio will no longer be available in Norway started in 2017.

53 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world L.A. restaurants push for tips to count toward minimum wage

The battle over boosting the minimum wage in Los Angeles has turned to the dollar bills tucked under an empty coffee cup, the spare change dropped into tip jars and the hasty calculations jotted down on meal tabs.

56 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Philadelphia Eagles plan to sign Tim Tebow

The Philadelphia Eagles have made some eyebrow-raising moves this off-season, but their next one could be the most surprising: signing Tim Tebow.

57 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Festival of Books: Why Jacqueline Woodson used poetry in 'Brown Girl Dreaming'

WhenJacqueline Woodson writes, she hopes to do something new, potentially outside of the bounds of what some may call tradition.

58 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Ebola outbreak: we simply could not cope, admits World Health Organisation

WHO admits its response was slow and insuffcient and plans a to set up a 1,000-strong response team to deal with future emergencies Continue reading...

1 hour ago // BBC

world Plot to Star Wars spin-off revealed

A new Star Wars spinoff movie will tell the story of how the Rebel Alliance stole plans to the infamous Death Star.

1 hour ago // BBC

world Scots starting pay 'rises sharply'

Starting pay for permanent jobs has seen its sharpest rise this year, according to a Bank of Scotland report.

1 hour ago // Wall Street Journal

world Centre Party Declares Victory in Finland Elections

Finlands centrist opposition leader Juha Sipila declared victory in elections Sunday and said he would begin negotiations on forming a new government to tackle the countrys growing economic problems.

1 hour ago // The Guardian

world Pro-EU coalition loses in Finland election as Centre party wins 49 seats

Led by Juha Sipil the centrist party has taken 49 seats out of the 200-member parliament, making it most likely to lead government Continue reading...

1 hour ago // The Guardian

world Pro-EU coalition loses in Finland election as Centre party wins 49 seats

Led by Juha Sipil, the centrist party has taken 49 seats in the 200-member parliament, Continue reading...

1 hour ago // Newsvine

world 'Adorable' Ed Miliband mobbed by Chester hen party as approval ratings continue to soar -

The Labour leader was mobbed by a hen party on Saturday during what should have been a routine visit to Chester, was described as “the stripper” in the ensuing deluge of selfies on Twitter and even secured an invite to the wedding itself. Clearly a hit with the gro …

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world Festival of Books: Authors weigh in on Mulholland, Chavez, Serra

The "Shaping California" panel Sunday at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books centered on three of California's most famous historical figures: Junipero Serra, William Mulholland and Cesar Chavez.

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world In Britain, the stakeout is on as nation awaits newest royal

"Is she here yet? Is she in labor?" a passerby asked the gaggle of reporters standing around the entrance to St. Mary's Hospital in London on a recent morning.

1 hour ago // Fox News

world Yemen Shiite rebel leader vows not to surrender amid strikes

A Shiite rebel leader in Yemen vowed to not surrender Sunday amid Saudi-led airstrikes in a rambling speech that rejected U.N. efforts to halt violence there, even as the political party of the country's former leader welcomed international efforts for a cease-fire.

1 hour ago // Wall Street Journal

world America's Neighbors See Bounce in U.S. Growth

Bank of Canada Gov. Stephen Poloz and Bank of Mexico Gov. Agustn Carstens think the U.S. economy is poised to bounce back after a disappointing first quarter.

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world Steve Smith is finding purpose after football

Los Angeles City Section runner-up at Woodland Hills Taft High, national champion at USC and Super Bowl champion with the New York Giants, receiver Steve Smith has experienced sports competition at its highest level since his teenage years.