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25 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Tony Abbott admits recent failings but points to 'year of achievement'

PM tells radio host Ray Hadley: My appeal to people is try to ignore the critical chatter and look as objectively as you can at what this government is trying to doTony Abbott has acknowledged concerns within the Coalitions base about the governments performance, saying our fans in the stands were frustrated when their team was not doing as well as they would like.The prime minister sought to reach out to Coalition voters in a radio interview on Thursday, conce

27 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Attackers win a round over Sony's 'Interview'

If an anonymous group threatened in mid-December to harm bakeries without saying where, when or how, would every doughnut shop and cake vendor feel compelled to shut down through the holiday season? Of course not. Yet a threat by an anonymous group of hackers led the country's major theater...

29 minutes ago // ABC

world Australian Leader: Siege May Have Been Preventable

Australian leader says deadly siege may have been 'a preventable atrocity'

30 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Sony pulls 'The Interview': Some sympathy for North Korea

North Korea's despotic regime is arguably the world's most brutal. It enriches dynastic leader Kim Jong Un and his political elite while the people who revere him as a god-king face deadly food shortages, a total lack of freedom and the ever-present threat of dying in one of the country's...

32 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Investors remain loyal to L.A. nighclub owner Nazarian

Los Angeles hotel and nightclub mogul Sam Nazarian lost day-to-day control of his Las Vegas hotel, but so far his investment partners are sticking by him.

35 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Ranking the college football bowl games from No. 38 to No. 1

The postseason is one "Kokomo Bowl" from becoming the next verse in a Beach Boys song: "Miami, Bahamas, come on pretty mamma, Camellia, and Boca, this is not a joke-a." Four new bowl games plus the extra championship game means the process of picking winners has become a title of a movie...

36 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Fed signals it will go slow on lifting key interest rate

The American economic outlook, bolstered by robust job growth and a sharp drop in gasoline prices, was boosted a little more with the Federal Reserve's signal that it would take as long as three years to raise interests to once-normal levels.

36 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Sing along with 'Fiddler on the Roof' on Christmas Eve

Talk about tradition. For the seventh year running, the Laemmle theater chain will present its annual Christmas Eve "Fiddler on the Roof" sing-along, so successful that it's now a fixture at no less than six theaters. Director Norman Jewison turned the hit Broadway musical, based on the classic...

36 minutes ago // Newsvine

world Haaretz poll: Joint Lapid-Kahlon ticket would be largest Knesset list

A joint ticket unifying Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid and Moshe Kahlon's Kulanu parties would be the largest Knesset list if elections were held this week, according to the latest Haaretz-Dialog poll. While separately Yesh Atid would win 12 seats and Kulans would win 11 seats, a comb …

38 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Reaction to the US-Cuban diplomatic thaw video

The news that the United States and Cuba will restore diplomatic relations was met with celebration on the streets of Havana on Wednesday. Cuban-Americans and exiles in Miami, however, have mixed feelings about the moves to normalize US-Cuba ties. Continue reading...

39 minutes ago // New York Times

world Horror Paralyzes Pakistan After a Methodical Slaughter

With flags at half-staff and businesses shuttered, Pakistanis seemed to be trapped between grief, anger and frustration, for once overcoming their divisions to unite in pain.

40 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Senior cleric: Iran has knowledge to build a nuclear bomb

The Islamic republic has reached the expertise to enrich uranium not just to the 5% and 20% levels required for civilian uses but to higher levels required for a bomb, says Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami An official site belonging to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps IRGC has quoted a senior conservative cleric as saying that Iran has attained the knowledge to build a nuclear bomb but doesnt want to use it.The IRGC site of Kurdistan province today quoted Ayatollah Ahmad

43 minutes ago // CBS

world Montana man convicted in German exchange student's death

A man who shot and killed a German exchange student caught trespassing in his garage was convicted of deliberate homicide

44 minutes ago // BBC

world Gunman's partner has bail questioned

The decision to grant bail to the partner of Sydney siege gunman Man Haron Monis should be reviewed, says the New South Wales government.

45 minutes ago // New York Times

world Alan P. Gross Gains the Freedom From Cuba He Thought Would Never Come

The release of Mr. Gross, who was detained on Dec. 3, 2009, and labeled a spy, was part of a historic thaw in Cuban-American relations announced by President Obama.

49 minutes ago // MSNBC

world Historic Thaw: Obama Scraps 'Outdated Approach' on Cuba

President Barack Obama said he was ending a "a rigid policy that's rooted in events that took place before most of us were born."

54 minutes ago // BBC

world 'Vast store' of world's oldest water

The world's oldest water, which is locked deep within the Earth's crust, is present at a far greater volume than was thought, scientists report.

54 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

world Sony Pulls Korea Film; U.S. Blames Pyongyang For Hack

Sony Pictures canceled its planned release of The Interview after hackers threatened violence against theaters that played the film, as U.S. officials concluded that North Korea was behind the broad cyberattack on the company.

55 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Mother and son jailed over death of NSW police officer Bryson Anderson

Mitchell Barbieri sentenced to at least 26 years for murdering Anderson with a hunting knife following a siege at his mothers propertyA young man who murdered NSW police officer Bryson Anderson with a hunting knife following a protracted siege at his mothers Oakville property has been sentenced to at least 26 years in prison.Mitchell Barbieri, who escaped the mandatory life sentence reserved for police killers, broke down as he was sentenced to a maximum 35 years at the su

57 minutes ago // New York Times

world Letter From China: Reporters in China Say Media Freeze Is Intensifying

Progress on visa renewals for journalists obscures what many correspondents say is a mounting hostility toward Western media outlets operating in China.

59 minutes ago // CBS

world Robin Williams' son Zak opens up about his dad

Four months after the actor's suicide, his oldest son reveals what has helped him begin to heal

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world Top conductors departing San Diego Opera and San Diego Symphony

The top conductors of the San Diego Opera and the San Diego Symphony will be departing their respective organizations in the months to come.

1 hour ago // CBS

world More theater chains pull plug on "The Interview"

Regal Cinemas is among the latest movie theater company to postpone movie showings in wake of threats by Sony hackers

1 hour ago // CBS

world Temperatures in the Arctic rising twice as fast as rest of the world

A new report that finds Arctic warming is affecting global weather bodes well for algae, less so for polar bears

1 hour ago // Wall Street Journal

world U.S. Restores Cuba Ties in Historic Deal

President Barack Obama said the U.S. would end what he called an outdated approach to Cuba, beginning to normalize relations and establishing diplomatic ties after five decades of restrictions.

1 hour ago // BBC

world Crime agency begins abuse inquiry

The National Crime Agency NCA begins an investigation into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.

1 hour ago // The Times of India

world Sony cancels 'The Interview' amid terror hack threats

Under the threat of terrorist attacks from hackers and with the nation's largest multiplex chains pulling the film from their screens, Sony Pictures Entertainment took the unprecedented step of canceling the Dec. 25 release of the Seth Rogen comedy ``The Interview.''

1 hour ago // Wall Street Journal

world ECB's Coeur Sends Strong Signal on Stimulus

ECB executive board member Benot Coeur sent one of the clearest signals to date that the ECB is poised to embark on large-scale asset purchases centered on government bonds early next year.

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world Aron Kallay experiments, triumphs in Piano Spheres' 'Nothing Is Real'

Aron Kallay titled his premiere Piano Spheres recital at REDCAT on Tuesday night "Nothing Is Real." May a reviewer beg to differ?

1 hour ago // New York Times

world Patrolling a Disputed Line, Israeli Border Police Become a Focus of Anger

The border police, whose green berets are a nod to the Green Line that demarcated Israeli territory from its hostile neighbors in 1949 armistice agreements, serve in the most sensitive situations.

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world Palestinians get backing from EU court ruling, proposed U.N. measure

A European Union court Wednesday ordered the removal of Hamas from the European Union's list of terrorist organizations, based on a procedural technicality, a ruling that provoked anger from Israel as well as satisfaction from the militant Palestinian movement.

1 hour ago // ABC

world Palestinians Set Deadline for Israeli Occupation

Palestinians set deadline for Israeli occupation; Israel suffers sharp rebuffs in Europe

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world Snapchat's revenue strategy discussed in emails leaked in Sony hack

Months after a leak of salacious emails from his Stanford University fraternity days embarrassed Snapchat's young chief executive, the unauthorized release this week of a more recent set of emails offered a mostly positive glimpse into his broad ambitions.

1 hour ago // Boston Herald

world Palestinians set deadline for Israeli occupation

UNITED NATIONS Israel suffered back-to-back diplomatic setbacks in Europe on Wednesday, while the Palestinians at the United Nations set a deadline for an Israeli withdrawal from lands captured nearly 50 years ago by the end of 2017.In Geneva, the international community delivered a stinging rebuke to Israel's settlement construction in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, saying the practice violates Israel's responsibilities as an occupying power.

1 hour ago // CBS

world Anna Kendrick makes Letterman blush on "Late Show"

"Into the Woods" actress also told the host stories about things she's done after taking the sleeping aid Ambien

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world Sony Pictures has 'no further release plans' for 'The Interview,' studio says

Sony Pictures Entertainment has canceled the Christmas Day release of "The Interview" after the nation's major theater chains said they would not screen the film.