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15 minutes ago // VOA

world Tunisia: Suspect Behind Museum Attack Killed

Tens of thousands of Tunisians marched through the capital in a show of solidarity against Islamist militants on Sunday, hours after the government said its forces had killed nine members of a group suspected of carrying out this month's deadly Bardo Museum attack. Tunisia's Prime Minister Habib Essid earlier told reporters a raid in the southern Gafsa region had killed nine militants from the local group Okba Ibn Nafaa, including Algerian Lokman Abu Sakhr, suspected of orchestrating the museu

17 minutes ago // NPR

world Afghan Chief Executive: Leaders Set Aside Egos To Rally For Nation

Abdullah Abdullah and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, once fierce political rivals, traveled together to Washington last week to undo years of hostility between their predecessor and Obama.

23 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Texas city opts for 100% renewable energy to save cash, not the planet

Georgetown, Texas decision not about going green: Im probably the furthest thing from an Al Gore clone you could find, says city official Continue reading...

23 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world A climate-change litmus test for politicians

To the editor: I am opposed to litmus tests for political candidates, but 20-something John Cubelic's eloquent plea for political leadership in the battle against climate change and global warming is making me rethink my view. "I'm twentysomething, I vote, and I won't take seriously any...

23 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Economic activity isn't the only consideration in raising the minimum wage

To the editor: Whether a minimum wage hike in Los Angeles to $15.25 per hour would cause an increase in economic activity is not the most important consideration in determining whether such an increase is sound policy. "L.A.'s minimum wage plan doesn't make sense," op-ed, March 24

23 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Barbaric? Maybe, but voters like capital punishment

To the editor: The Times' editorial suggesting that the California Legislature abolish the death penalty is idealistic. This won't happen. "Kinder, gentler forms of capital punishment are still barbaric," editorial, March 27

23 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world PG&E defends its record on customer safety

To the editor: Your article quotes a claim that Pacific Gas & Electric Co. diverted funds earmarked for gas safety work to executive compensation. That claim is wrong. The misperception grew out of two reports by a consultant to the California Public Utilities Commission, which alleged...

23 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Put off by Obama's celebration of Bowe Bergdahl's return

To the editor: While there may be no reason for President Obama to apologize for his effort in negotiating Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's release, that does not excuse other related matters, which are most troublesome. "Deserter or not, Bowe Bergdahl deserved to be rescued," editorial, March 27

23 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world State laws on sex offenders should not be crafted by emotion

Jessica's Law California's version of it, anyway was a mess from the beginning. Voters here adopted it as Proposition 83 in 2006 because they mistakenly believed they were cracking down on horrific crimes against children. They were urged on by nightly harangues from...

23 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Bureau invites consumers to post details of bad mortgage experiences

Move over, Yelp. The federal government's top consumer agency has just begun allowing mortgage borrowers to vent publicly in full narrative detail about the bad experiences they've had with financial institutions.

23 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world How I Made It: Johnny Green, TV commercial director

The gig: Johnny Green directs TV commercials. A recent project is "Lightning in a Bottle," a 60-second advertisement for Honda's Acura ILX sedan that first aired during the NFL playoffs. Green is represented by Reset Content, a company that acts as his producer.

23 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world State job doesn't guarantee retirement security

Dear Liz: After many years of unemployment, I finally got a full-time position. It is a state job with a pension. How much do I need to save for retirement? Can I focus on paying off debt and saving for college, and trust I will be OK in retirement?

26 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Arab leaders agree to form joint military force to combat jihadis in region

Leaders at Arab League summit also agree that Saudi-led air strikes in Yemen will continue Shia Houthi rebels withdraw and surrender their weapons Continue reading...

32 minutes ago // The Times of India

world Guinea president reinforces emergency Ebola measures

In a renewed effort to eradicate Ebola, Guinea's president announced new restrictions on burials and warned of possible lockdowns in the country's western region.

39 minutes ago // The Washington Post

world Germanwings co-pilot worried about job security, officials say

MONTABAUR, Germany The co-pilot who crashed Germanwings Flight 9525 had consulted with several medical professionals about a vision issue that, coupled with preexisting psychological problems, appeared to give him a growing sense of unease about his ability to keep his job, according to officials familiar with the investigation.

39 minutes ago // ABC

world Leading Suspect in Tunisia Museum Attack Killed

Tunisian prime minister: Leading suspect in museum attack killed in anti-terrorism raids

40 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Front National set for large gains in French local elections

Anti-immigration party could win up to 220 seats, and Nicolas Sarkozys UMP and its centrist allies are expected to top poll Continue reading...

43 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Rhode Island teachers sue to be allowed Good Friday off as religious holiday

Anne McLaughlin has done the same thing on Good Friday for more than 30 years: She takes the day off and attends church, where she spends the afternoon reflecting on her faith.

44 minutes ago // Reuters

world Germanwings crash co-pilot may have had detached retina: newspaper

BERLIN Reuters - The co-pilot suspected of crashing a passenger jet in the Alps may have been suffering from a detached retina but investigators are unsure whether his vision problems had physical or psychological causes, a German newspaper said on Sunday.

44 minutes ago // Fox News

world Cameroon residents kill suspected Central African Republic rebels during kidnapping attempt

A local official says residents in eastern Cameroon killed "several" suspected fighters from Central African Republic who were trying to carry out a large-scale kidnapping.

45 minutes ago // ABC

world Nigerians Continue Voting After Violence, Technical Hitches

Nigerians continue voting Sunday, after technical hitches and despite some extremist violence

45 minutes ago // MSNBC

world BBC Chief Gets Death Threat After Dropping 'Top Gear' Host

Hall's decision not to renew Clarkson's contract generated global headlines.

45 minutes ago // NPR

world How Singapore Became One Of The Richest Places On Earth

The founder of modern Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, used both free-market principles and strong central planning to transform the tiny former British colony into an economic powerhouse.

48 minutes ago // VOA

world Near Certain Re-election of President in Uzbekistan

Voting is under way in Uzbekistan Sunday where voters are almost certain to return President Islam Karimov to a fourth term. He has ruled the country for a quarter-century. Three other candidates are also vying for the presidency, but those candidates have effectively campaigned for strongman Karimov, calling him "the best candidate." There is no opposition in the impoverished state. Under Uzbekistan's constitution, the presidency is limited to two consecutive terms. After the last election,

54 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Singapores Lee Kuan Yew: thousands brave rain to attend funeral procession - video

Thousands of Singaporeans brave poor weather to bid farewell to founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew on Sunday. People line the streets in pouring rain as Yew's coffin passes through Tanjong Pagar, the constituency he represented for 60 years, before continuing its 15.4 km journey to the funeral ceremony at the National University of Singapore Continue reading...

55 minutes ago // The Times of India

world Air Canada jet skids off Halifax runway, at least 23 injured

An Air Canada jet came off the runway after landing at the Halifax airport in Nova Scotia on Sunday, sending at least 23 people to hospital, officials said.

56 minutes ago // VOA

world Singaporeans Bid Farewell to 'Founding Father' Lee

Tens of thousands of people waving flags brave heavy rain and line the streets to catch a last glimpse of the country's first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew as his coffin is taken by gun carriage on a 15-kilometer procession through the streets of the country he helped build to his state funeral.

58 minutes ago // BBC

world Meningitis vaccine agreed for babies

A vaccine for meningitis B will be made available for all babies in Wales after a deal with drug manufacturers, the Welsh government confirms.

59 minutes ago // NPR

world As Iraqi Forces Press Into Tikrit, Hundreds Of ISIS FIghters Remain

Following bombing raids on ISIS targets in Tikrit, Iraqi forces are preparing to retake the strategic city. Correspondent Alice Fordham tells NPR's Rachel Martin about her recent visit to the front.

59 minutes ago // NPR

world Ukrainian Protestants Say Religious Intolerance Rising In Donetsk

Protestants from the separatist regions of eastern Ukraine say they are being persecuted by the Russian Orthodox Church. Many evangelicals have left because of a crackdown on religious freedom.

59 minutes ago // NPR

world Greek Voters Want Their Government To Show Some Fight

The leftist Syriza party swept into office on a promise to stand up to European austerity demands. But the new government has had to soften its tone. Some Greeks worry the party is giving in.

59 minutes ago // NPR

world Clinton Seeks A 'New Relationship' With The Press

Some of Hillary Clinton's most vocal critics are from those in the media. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to correspondent Mara Liasson about Clinton's evolving relationship with the press.

59 minutes ago // MSNBC

world New Details of Crash Co-Pilot's Medical Issues Emerge

French investigators have said they believe Andreas Lubitz deliberately slammed Flight 479525 into the French Alps.

59 minutes ago // Reuters

world Tens of thousands of Tunisians march after Bardo attack

TUNIS Reuters - Tens of thousands of Tunisians marched through the capital in a show of solidarity against Islamist militants on Sunday, hours after the government said its forces had killed nine members of a group suspected of carrying out this month's deadly Bardo Museum attack.