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4 minutes ago // CBS

world The first "Ted 2" trailer is here

The sequel starring Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane is out June 26

6 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

world Tensions Ease on Israel-Lebanon Border

Tensions between Israel and Hezbollah eased after both sides stopped firing and Israel said the Lebanese militant group had asked for a cease-fire through United Nations intermediaries.

9 minutes ago // BBC

world The strange case of babies sleeping in boxes

Why has a BBC News Online story about Finnish babies in cardboard boxes been so popular?

10 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

world Militants' Deadline Expires on Prisoner Swap

As Jordan demanded proof from Islamic State that a captured Jordanian pilot is alive, the militants stated deadline of sundown Thursday expired for a prisoner swap.

10 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Cities sizzle with more heat waves, hotter nights

Temperatures on Earth are creeping upward, and nowhere are they being felt more intensely than in the cities where half of the planet's population resides, a new study suggests.

13 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world 'Fighter of lions' leads the pack for JW North

The best first name in high school basketball belongs to Dikymbe Martin of Riverside JW North.

15 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Sci-fi thriller 'Alien Outpost' plays out like a video game

Looking and feeling like it would have been more at home on Xbox than on a movie theater screen, "Alien Outpost," is a faux documentary that follows a team of soldiers fending off alien invaders.

16 minutes ago // BBC

world Child obesity rates 'levelling off'

The rise in childhood obesity, which has left one in three UK children overweight, may be beginning to level off in the under-10s, a study suggests.

18 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Delhi woman sues Uber for 'negligence and fraud' after alleged rape

Service essentially modern day electronic hitchhiking, says lawyerSays he hopes lawsuit will protect others facing serious risks from companyAn Uber passenger in Delhi suffered a horrific and brutal rape due to the controversial taxi app companys inadequate and disingenuous commitment to safety, according to a suit filed in US federal court on Thursday.Lawyers fo

19 minutes ago // BBC

world Police corruption efforts criticised

Police forces in England and Wales lack the capability to investigate corruption among their officers and staff, says Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary.

19 minutes ago // The Guardian

world World's cities experiencing more heatwaves, study shows

Number of extremely hot days a year has increased in hundreds of cities since the 1970s years, with frequencies peaking in the last five yearsWorld cities are experiencing more heatwaves and fewer cold spells, according to a study of extreme temperatures in hundreds of urban areas over the past 40 years. It found that many cities are seeing fewer extremely windy days than in the 1970s and have more extremely hot individual days and nights. The climate researchers from US a

20 minutes ago // New York Times

world Letter From Europe: Britons Want to Stay on World Stage

A new study found that a majority of Britons support playing a major role in world affairs but are reluctant to pay the cost.

20 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Oscar short-film nominees marked by variety in subject and quality

As in previous years, the variety of the Oscar-nominated short films animation, live action and documentary, presented in theaters as separate programs keeps each collection interesting, even when the quality varies.

20 minutes ago // NPR

world Ebola Cases Plummet In West Africa, As Endgame Begins

Only 99 Ebola cases were reported worldwide last week. That's the lowest weekly count since June. But getting down to zero cases is still a long way off.

20 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world 'Timepiece' is an absurdist throwback

Charles A. Duncombes new play at City Garage, Timepiece, pays homage to the mid-20thcentury theater of the absurd: those bleak yet antic plays by Beckett, Ionesco, Genet and others that drove home the futility of mankinds search for meaning in the universe.

20 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Lady in red

The Beat Swap Meet in Chinatown's Central Plaza is a celebration of vinyl music culture, where buyers and collectors sell and trade records in a variety of styles: blues, boogie, hip-hop, Latin, new wave and punk among them.

23 minutes ago // BBC

world Lynch finally opens up to the media

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch finally opens up to reporters in the build up to the Super Bowl.

25 minutes ago // Reuters

world Islamic State's Egypt wing claims attacks that killed 27-official Twitter

ISMAILIA, Egypt Reuters - Islamic State's Egypt wing claimed responsibility for a series of attacks that killed at least 27 on Thursday in some of the worst anti-state violence in months, after commemorations around the anniversary of the 2011 uprising turned deadly this week.

27 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Hunters become the hunted in uneven thriller 'Preservation'

Until its characters behave illogically in the third act and the direction shows suspense fatigue, "Preservation" displays a flinty resolve to be better than your average woodsy-nightmare thriller.

29 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Amazon beats profit forecasts Inc.'s shares jumped more than 8% after the online retail giant posted a larger-than-expected profit in the fourth quarter.

30 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world 'Timbuktu' a compelling exploration of extremism's absurdities

The intriguingly unorthodox "Timbuktu," one of five films vying for a foreign-language Oscar, is a provocative, sometimes satiric drama about the sort of Islamic extremists who make life, especially in the outer reaches, so treacherous these days.

32 minutes ago // New York Times

world Op-Ed Contributor: Joe Biden: A Plan for Central America

If we dont act, the regions problems will arrive at our door.

32 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Falling oil prices: How long will it last?

Filling up at the gas station has been a much more pleasant experience for Americans since last fall. Regular gas is now less than $2 a gallon in many states, down from around $3.30 just a year ago.

34 minutes ago // MSNBC

world Two Dead in Gas Blast at Mexico Maternity Hospital

A gas tank truck exploded outside a maternity and children's hospital in Mexico City on Thursday, collapsing much of the building.

34 minutes ago // UPI

world AirAsia co-pilot was at controls before plane crashed

Danielle HaynesSURABAYA, Indonesia, Jan. 29 UPI -- The co-pilot of AirAsia Flight 8501 was flying the passenger jet just before it climb dangerously fast and crashed into the Java Sea, investigators said.

35 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world 'Project Almanac' a leap back in time, not forward

In Hollywood's seemingly endless quest to use the found-footage gimmick to resuscitate any subgenre, we have the new time-travel movie "Project Almanac."

36 minutes ago // VOA

world Paris Attacks Highlight Global Weapons Black Market

As law enforcement officials piece together how the Paris and Belgian terror cells carried out their recent attacks, questions are being asked about how they obtained military grade assault weapons - which are illegal in the European Union. As VOA's Jeff Swicord reports, experts say there is a very active worldwide black market for these weapons, and criminals and terrorists are buying.

36 minutes ago // ABC

world Youth Who Stormed Dutch Broadcaster Claimed to Be Hacker

Youth storms into Dutch broadcaster's studio brandishing fake gun, sets city on edge

38 minutes ago // New York Times

world Jordan Lets ISIS Deadline Pass for Hostage-Militant Exchange

Jordan, which is willing to release an imprisoned militant, apparently has not received proof that its captured air force pilot, being held along with a Japanese journalist, is still alive.

38 minutes ago // New York Times

world Jordan Lets ISIS Deadline Pass for Releasing Hostage

Jordan, which is willing to release an imprisoned terrorist, apparently has not received proof that its captured air force pilot, being held along with a Japanese journalist, is still alive.

39 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

world Islamist Attacks in Sinai Kill at Least 20

Assailants armed with rocket-propelled grenades, car bombs and mortar rounds attacked police stations and military installations in the restive Sinai Peninsula on Thursday night, killing at least 20 people,

43 minutes ago // VOA

world Rock-Consuming Organisms Alter Views of Life Processes

Kenneth Nealson can be described in many ways, including "expert in microbiology and biochemistry." But that's not the one he is most proud of. "People call me the 'father of Shewanella,' " said Nealson, a professor of Earth sciences and biological sciences at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Shewanella is an unusual bacterium that shocked the scientific community. Nealson discovered it 25 years ago in a lake. Like other organisms, it breathes oxygen, but it also breat

45 minutes ago // ABC

world Gas Blast Wrecks Mexico Children's Hospital, at Least 2 Dead

Gas truck explosion wrecks Mexico City children's hospital, at least 2 dead and dozens injured

45 minutes ago // ABC

world Cops: Man Used Fake Gun in TV Studio Drama

Dutch news outlet NOS posts video of man in suit pacing with "pistol."

45 minutes ago // The Washington Post

world Greeces leftist government sparks fears of a Russian beachhead in Europe

LONDON Just days after shaking European economic policy to its core with a sweeping win in Greek elections, the radical leftist party Syriza is challenging a fundamental tenet of the continents foreign policy by seeking a softer stance on Russia.

46 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Dame Edna offers 'Glorious,' cheeky zaniness at Ahmanson

Dame Edna, the imperious suburban Melbourne, Australia, hausfrau with the purple wig and lacerating tongue, has never seen any connection between winning friends and influencing people.