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6 minutes ago // CBS

world 800-pound man determined to slim down and "shock the world"

Steven Assanti, who says he was kicked out of Rhode Island Hospital for ordering pizza, hopes to have gastric bypass surgery

11 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Startled tourists watch great white shark devour seal near Alcatraz

Video shot on Saturday shows the first recorded attack by the finned predator in the modern history of San Francisco BayA group of tourists, on a boat between Alcatraz and the mainland, were met with an unexpected sight over the weekend. The water was dyed a startling red.A video, uploaded on Saturday, shows what appears to be a great white shark devouring a seal in the first recorded attack by

13 minutes ago // The Guardian

world EU hokey-cokey: in, out, shake it all about not necessarily in that order Letter

If anyone was surprised at Boris Johnsons suggestion that there might need to be two EU referendums Johnson courted by both sides in EU debate, 9 October, they should have a look at article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. This says any member state wishing to w

13 minutes ago // The Washington Post

world France, Saudi Arabia deepen alliance with 10B euros in deals

France has signed deals worth 10 billion euros $11.4 million with Saudi Arabia, said French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Tuesday, underscoring the shared foreign policy stances that have helped deepen the two countries military and economic ties.

13 minutes ago // BBC

world Payne & Tancock gain funding boost

Former world champions Keri-Anne Payne and Liam Tancock are restored to full podium funding by British Swimming.

16 minutes ago // UPI

world Large explosion rocks Tianjin but no casualties reported

Elizabeth ShimBEIJING, Oct. 13 UPI -- Another warehouse explosion shook the Chinese coastal city of Tianjin two months after a massive blast killed at least 162 people.

17 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Palestinian resisters are not unarmed Letters

A Guardian opinion piece There will be no peace until Israels occupation of Palestine ends, 11 October by Marwan Barghouti, a Palestinian currently serving multiple life terms for deadly terror attacks in Israel, included the surreal suggestion that the current generation of Palestini

18 minutes ago // The Guardian

world How Edith Cavell made a confession Letters

The great German poet Gottfried Benn 1886-1956, who was a doctor by profession, served in the German army of occupation in Brussels during the first world war until 1917 when he was discharged and was present as official observer during the trial and execution of Edith Cavell in 1915. In 1927 he published an account of what he had seen, translated into English by me in an anthology of Benns prose and verse

19 minutes ago // UPI

world Afghanistan: Taliban forces evecuate Kunduz, commit to new assault in Ghazni

Fred LambertGHAZNI, Afghanistan, Oct. 13 UPI -- One day after committing to a fresh assault against the northern Afghan city of Ghazni, Taliban forces announced they were withdrawing from Kunduz.

20 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Wealth divide among parents is creating greater child inequality, study finds

Report on 34 OECD member countries says gap between rich and poor households is highest in 30 years and is reducing childrens opportunitiesA widening gulf between rich and poor parents is skewing opportunities available to their children, according to a new report that warns the young are paying a high price for rising inequality around the world.Children from richer families have better health, higher skills and better relationships with parents and peers, according to

20 minutes ago // New York Times

world Q&A: Turkey and the Aftermath of the Ankara Bombing

A correspondent discusses the deadly attack, the presidents response and the countrys political situation as snap parliamentary elections approach.

20 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Symbols of empire that arent what they seem Letters

Paul Masons assessment of The Apprentices appalling management style is spot-on G2, 12 October. Any sensible manager would encourage senior staff to watch The Great British Bake Off, where Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood run a seminar on human relations every night. Even when a cake is a complete disaster they find some point to praise and provide clear and positive su

21 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Drugs research hampered by substandard animal testing procedures

Survey of thousands of animal studies for drugs to combat disease finds majority not rigorous enough, leading to trials that waste time, money and sufferingThe search for new drugs to combat major diseases is being set back by shoddy animal research, according to work by two teams of scientists.An Edinburgh University survey of thousands of animal studies found that the majority were not rigorous enough to rule out effects that routinely inflate the benefits of new treatments.

21 minutes ago // Reuters

world Islamic State urges jihad against Russians, Americans: audio

BEIRUT Reuters - The hardline Islamic State group called on Muslims to launch a "holy war" against Russians and Americans over what it called their "crusaders' war" in the Middle East, according to an audio message distributed by their supporters on Tuesday.

22 minutes ago // Boston Herald

world US says Iraqis now in position to retake Ramadi

WASHINGTON After months of preliminary skirmishes and hundreds of U.S. airstrikes, conditions are now right for Iraq to launch a decisive assault on Ramadi and reclaim the provincial capital from Islamic State fighters, a U.S. military official said Tuesday.

23 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Merkel's conservative alliance 'in talks' on refugee transit zones along border

Junior partner the SPD voices strong opposition to idea of holding areas where refugees would be kept until origin and right to seek asylum is decided onAngela Merkels conservative alliance has provisionally agreed on plans to create transit zones along Germanys border in an effort to control the large number of refugee arrivals by sifting out those who have no chance of gaining asylum.As a fierce debate rages over how Germany can cope with the thousands of people continui

24 minutes ago // CBS

world Watch: Church surprises pizza driver with $1,000 tip

Domino's driver breaks into tears after delivering $5.99 pizza to Sycamore Creek Church in Ohio

24 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Syrian war's al-Qaida affiliate calls for terror attacks in Russia

Leader of Jabhat al-Nusra makes demand in response to Moscows intervention on behalf of Assad regime, also calling for increased strikes on Alawite villagesThe Syrian wars al-Qaida affiliate, Jabhat al-Nusra, has called for terror attacks in Russia, while also urging strikes on Alawite villages and placing bounties on the heads of Bashar al-Assad and the Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah.The threats from the groups leader, Abu Mohammed al-Jolani, were made on Tue

25 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Figure of vulnerable Syrians to arrive in UK 'state secret', says Keith Vaz

Refugees minister Richard Harringtons response to select committee shoddy and they will have to go to David Cameron for refugee numbersThe new Home Office minister for refugees, Richard Harrington, has repeatedly refused to disclose to MPs how many vulnerable Syrians have been brought to the UK since the prime minister made his pledge to bring 20,000 to Britain over the next five years.Harrington told MPs he was not providing a running commentary on numbers when h

26 minutes ago // CBS

world Who is Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive?

Hint: The 28-year-old Londoner stars in one of TV's hottest series

29 minutes ago // The Washington Post

world UN rights expert airs doubts about Belarus election result

A U.N. human rights expert is raising doubts about the re-election of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, saying he garnered the highest margin of victory in an election in Europe since World War II.

29 minutes ago // MSNBC

world UConn Frosh Sorry for Drunken Mac and Cheese Meltdown

Luke Gatti, a 19-year-old freshman, appeared contrite in an apology made after a video of him attacking a dining hall employee went viral this month.

29 minutes ago // ABC

world Yemen's Al-Qaida Detains 4 After Rare Protest

Yemen's al-Qaida detains 3 journalists, NGO worker over rare protest in militant-held city

31 minutes ago // CBS

world Jeb Bush offers plan to repeal, replace Obamacare

Two-page proposal would give more power to states to regulate health insurance, but contains no specific details on how many people could be left without coverage

32 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

world Rosneft Chief Warns of Danger of Crude Output Decline

Russias oil czar warned that the countrys crude production could drop by around 5% a year if the government pushes through plans to increase taxes on the industry to plug holes in the federal budget.

33 minutes ago // The Guardian

world MH17 report suggests efforts were made to cover up causes of disaster

Dutch experts found captains body had undergone an external and internal examination to remove foreign objects The long-awaited Dutch report into the shooting down of flight MH17 suggests attempts were made to cover up the causes of the disaster, including a bungled autopsy on the body of the captain in which metal fragments from a Buk missile were deliberately removed.Dutch investigators said on Tuesday that the crew members were killed instantly, after a Russian

33 minutes ago // MSNBC

world Aunt Sues Nephew for Jumping Into Her Arms When He Was 8

New York City resident Jennifer Connell says the boy acted unreasonably when he leaped into her arms at his birthday party when he was 8.

33 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Muslim groups can pursue civil rights lawsuit against NYPD, court rules

US appeals court rules plaintiffs can continue with lawsuit that accuses police department of conducting secret surveillance without suspicion of wrongdoingA coalition of Muslim groups can pursue a civil rights lawsuit that accuses New York City police of conducting secret surveillance of Muslims in New Jersey without suspicion of criminal activity, a US appeals court ruled on Tuesday. Related:

33 minutes ago // New York Times

world Britain Pushes for Release of Grandfather Facing 350 Lashes in Saudi Arabia

The case of the grandfather, who was arrested after the Saudi authorities found alcohol in his car, has become a matter of geopolitical controversy.

33 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

world Three Israelis Killed in Jerusalem Attacks

Palestinian attackers killed three Israelis and wounded 14 in assaults across Israel Tuesday, prompting calls from Israeli officials for emergency security measures in Jerusalem and for Palestinian leaders to stop inciting violence.

36 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Wisconsin gun shop on trial over illegal sale of weapon used to shoot police

In a rare case two police officers shot in the face in 2009 are suing Badger Guns of Milwaukee for allegedly facilitating a straw purchase by the underage shooterA Wisconsin jury was in its second day of deliberations on Tuesday, in a rare case in which a gun dealer was accused of the illegal sale of a weapon that was then used to shoot two police officers.Badger Guns, a seller on the outskirts of Milwaukee, failed miserably to protect the public when it allowed a 21

36 minutes ago // ABC

world France, Saudi Arabia Deepen Alliance With 10B Euros in Deals

French PM signs deals worth 10B euros with Saudi Arabia, deepening close alliance

36 minutes ago // Reuters

world White House says 'not much clarity' about Iran's trial of reporter

WASHINGTON Reuters - The White House said on Tuesday that there was "not much clarity" about the current trial of Jason Rezaian, the Washington Post reporter jailed in an espionage case in Tehran.

37 minutes ago // Fox News

world French PM signs deals worth 10B euros with Saudi Arabia, deepening close alliance

France has signed deals worth 10 billion euros $11.4 million with Saudi Arabia, said French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Tuesday, underscoring the shared foreign policy stances that have helped deepen the two countries' military and economic ties.

38 minutes ago // MSNBC

world Church Tips Delivery Driver $1,000 For $5.99 Pizza

The Columbus Dispatch reports that the congregation was wrapping up a sermon series on "I was Broke. Now I'm Not."

38 minutes ago // Reuters

world Islamic State confirms senior member killed in August strike: SITE

BEIRUT Reuters - The hardline Islamic State group confirmed on Tuesday that one of its senior members had been killed in an airstrike in Iraq earlier this year, the SITE monitoring service said.