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4 minutes ago // CBS

world Cops: Body of man found in car in Ferguson was burned

Police say man found dead in front seat of car the morning after looting and rioting was both burned, and shot in the head

9 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world UCLA linemen look forward to the challenge of tough Stanford team

There is an eagerness that UCLA linemen both defense and offense have for Friday's game against Stanford in the Rose Bowl. This is the type of bump-and-grind moment they live for.

13 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Safety Anthony Jefferson rises with UCLA

The rise of safety Anthony Jefferson and the UCLA football program are on parallel tracks.

14 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Coalition's GP co-payment strategy foundering on the rocks of confusion

Barnacle cleaning only works if a difficult issue like the Abbott governments $7 Medicare co-payment is neutered Continue reading...

14 minutes ago // CBS

world Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman headed to TV

The two A-listers are attached to a new limited series from David E. Kelley

14 minutes ago // BBC

world Guidelines favour weight loss ops

People diagnosed with diabetes linked to obesity should be assessed for weight loss surgery, according to updated NHS guidelines.

15 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Many agents still waiting to be paid for Covered California enrollments

California's health exchange is leaning on insurance agents to enroll thousands of people in Obamacare coverage. Trouble is, some agents haven't been paid for months.

15 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Drag racing team owner Don Schumacher has surgery for skin cancer

Don Schumacher, one of the most successful team owners in NHRA drag racing, had surgery Wednesday to treat a form of skin cancer, his team said.

16 minutes ago // The Washington Post

world In heart of Europe, migrants offer a one-stop tour of worldwide misery

CALAIS, France Ibrahims odyssey has taken him over the hot sands of the Sahara and across the vast Mediterranean in a death-defying, thousands-mile-long quest. Now the 21-year-old from the Sudanese region of Darfur is so close to his destination that he can see it shimmering on the horizon his dream, his salvation, his England.

17 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

world Venezuela to Charge Machado in Alleged Plot to Kill President

Maria Corina Machado will be formally charged for what prosecutors are saying is her role in an alleged plot to kill President Nicolas Maduro, months after government critics dismissed the accusations as trumped up to silence the administrations foes.

18 minutes ago // Reuters

world Taiwan vote tests waters for pro-China government ahead of presidential polls

TAIPEI Reuters - Taiwan goes to the polls on Saturday to choose city mayors and local councillors in a vote that will show how much support the ruling Kuomintang KMT has lost with its pro-China stance less than two years before a presidential election.

19 minutes ago // CBS

world Ferguson fallout Day 3: Protesters storm St. Louis city hall

Several arrests after people shouting "shame, shame" burst into city hall building

20 minutes ago // Reuters

world Puerto Rico threatened with transit shutdown in political spat

Reuters - Puerto Rico's public transit system will shut down on Monday if lawmakers do not increase a tax on oil, the U.S. commonwealth's Government Development Bank said, accusing politicians of taking an "irresponsible" gamble on the island's economy.

20 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Firms invested 17bn in companies making cluster bombs, report says

More than 150 financial institutions continue to invest despite worldwide ban since 2008 Continue reading...

21 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

world Ebola Vaccine Appears Safe in Test

National Institutes of Health researchers reported that a possible vaccine for the Ebola virus appears to be safe in early testing and that a clinical study in West Africa can go ahead as planned late this year or in early 2015.

23 minutes ago // Reuters

world Special Report: How China's shadowy agency is working to absorb Taiwan

TAIPEI/HONG KONG Reuters - Ever since a civil war split the two sides more than 60 years ago, China has viewed Taiwan as a renegade province that needs to be absorbed into the mainland. To that end, the legion of Taiwanese businessmen working in China is a beachhead.

27 minutes ago // The Telegraph

world James Watson to sell Nobel prize medal he won for double helix discovery

Sale could fetch $3.5 million, money which DNA pioneer says he will use to ensure the academic world remains a place for great ideas

27 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Roundup: Freeway shutdowns as protest, Lucas museum ripples

The Smithsonian responds to the assault allegations against Bill Cosby, protesters find a new urban tool for making themselves heard, George Lucas museum is causing kerfuffles in Chicago and novelist Ursula K. Le Guin gives a giant Web retailer of books an earful. Plus: photography...

27 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

world Australia to Tighten Regulations on Foreign Property Buyers

The Australian government Thursday issued a number of recommendations aimed at tightening regulation around the rules for foreign purchases of houses and apartments.

29 minutes ago // VOA

world Future Uncertain for Asian Immigrants Facing Deportation in US

In the debate about immigration in the United States, one group often overlooked is the estimated 1.3 million illegal immigrants from Asia. President Barack Obamas recent executive order can provide a temporary reprieve from deportation to about 400,000 of these people, but for many more, the future is uncertain. VOA's Elizabeth Lee reports.

30 minutes ago // MSNBC

world Cop Who Killed 12-Year-Old Acted 'Quickly,' Family Says

The family of a 12-year-old who was fatally shot by police in Cleveland while carrying a pellet gun said police "reacted quickly" in the encounter.

30 minutes ago // BBC

world Brazil sees fall in Amazon tree loss

Brazil says deforestation in the Amazon rainforest has dropped by 18% in the past year, but campaigners dispute the figures.

31 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world EPA's proposed ozone limit faces political, cost hurdles

The Obama administration's long-awaited announcement Wednesday that it wants to toughen limits on smog-forming ozone immediately generated questions about whether the plan can survive the current political climate and how much its cost will factor in reaching the goal.

31 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world 'Jal' like a cool sip of water in these drought-centric times

The Bollywood import "Jal" "water" in Hindi may not be a perfect film, but it's the perfect tale for these drought-centric times. First-time director Girish Malik, who co-wrote with Rakesh Mishra, has crafted a starkly beautiful, at times dazzling, vision that reinforces water as our most...

31 minutes ago // CBS

world Dramatic video appears to show woman protecting Papa John's from looters in Ferguson

Unidentified woman seen defending pizza restaurant as looters try to break windows

32 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Longshot list of players fits within Steve Nash disabled exception

The Lakers were granted a $4.85 million disabled-player exception on Tuesday for injured point guard Steve Nash.

33 minutes ago // CBS

world Storms snarl holiday travel

A nor'eastern is making the busiest travel day of the year that much trickier

34 minutes ago // BBC

world Brits voters give tips for 2015

New acts George The poet, James Bay and Years and Years are being tipped for success in 2015 after being shortlisted for the Brits Critics' Choice Award.

34 minutes ago // UPI

world Rock singer electrocuted on stage

Mary PapenfussVILLA CARLOS PAZ, Argentina, Nov. 26 UPI -- A 21-year-old up-and-coming rock singer in a popular band was electrocuted while performing on stage in northern Argentina.

37 minutes ago // VOA

world Chinese Tourism to US Expected to Grow

San Francisco is a major stop for Chinese visitors, and an agreement between China and the United States, announced in Beijing this month, promises to draw even more Chinese tourists to U.S. destinations. A day spent in the northern California city with some visitors from China shed light on some of the reasons they are coming. Major West Coast cities are must-see destinations for Chinese tour groups, which take in sights that include San Franciscos iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Li Hong, who

37 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Marijuana legalization backers anxious as costs mount, donors waver

After decades helping lead the fight against the national war on drugs, Ethan Nadelmann recently joined thousands of marijuana entrepreneurs here celebrating legalization and found the scene kind of irritating.

37 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Natalie Portman may link up with Steve Jobs biopic

Another day, another development for the Steve Jobs biopic. The much-discussed film about the late Apple co-founder may have found its female lead in Natalie Portman, according to trade reports.

38 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Sriracha, a water bond and other things for which we're thankful

The nature of this page of all editorial pages, really is that much space is devoted to criticism, to identifying and illuminating the flaws of legislation or legislators, candidates or ideas. By way of respite, we like to devote our Thanksgiving space to acknowledging the...

38 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

world Tensions Simmer After Ferguson Shooting Decision

A few buildings were still smoldering from the widespread looting and arson Monday in the wake of the grand jurys decision not to indict a white police officer in the killing of a black teenager.

39 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

world China to Bolster Air-Pollution Control

Chinas government took a step forward in strengthening its air-pollution-control law, adding new amendments aimed at increasing penalties for heavy polluters and giving local governments greater responsibilities to clean the skies.

41 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world USC recruiting update: Recruits attend Wednesday's practice

Southland high schools were out of session Wednesday, allowing recruits to attend USCs midday practice.