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17 minutes ago // Time

world Paranoid North Korea Handles Ebola Threat by Quarantining All Foreigners

North Korea, not a friend to much of anything coming through its borders or out of them, is certainly not keen to let Ebola in either

19 minutes ago // BBC

world Lawsuit over Malaysia missing plane

Two children who lost their father when Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared file a lawsuit against the airline and the Malaysian government.

23 minutes ago // ABC

world After 40 Years, a Look at Hello Kitty's Success

Hello Kitty at 40: How a nameless cat achieved global fame

24 minutes ago // BBC

world Person missing after fireworks blaze

One person remains missing after a major blaze in a Stafford fireworks factory that left two people needing hospital treatment.

26 minutes ago // ABC

world Greek Police Clear Apartment Used by Rebel Monks

Greek police clear Thessaloniki apartment used by zealot monks opposed to Orthodox Church head

26 minutes ago // Reuters

world Protesters in Burkina Faso call for Campaore to step down

OUAGADOUGOU Reuters - Hundreds of protesters marched in the capital of Burkina Faso on Friday demanding that President Blaise Compaore step down, a day after the military dissolved parliament and announced a transitional government in the face of mass protests and violence.

30 minutes ago // MSNBC

world Nabbed: Slain Cop's Cuffs Used to Arrest Fugitive Eric Frein

After a 48-day manhunt, suspected cop killer Eric Frein was captured Thursday in Pennsylvania.

31 minutes ago // NPR

world As Crimea's Borders Change, So Do Lives

Russia's annexation of Crimea is reshaping the lives of residents throughout the peninsula. Some find comfort in Russian rule, while others equate Moscow's control with intimidation and persecution.

36 minutes ago // New York Times

world Sinosphere Blog: Hong Kong Politician Likens Protesters to African-American Slaves

A prominent businesswoman and politician has come under fire for saying, erroneously, that black Americans did not get voting rights for 107 years after the countrys slaves were freed, so Hong Kongers should also wait.

37 minutes ago // BBC

world Key Jerusalem holy site reopens

Israel reopens a key Jerusalem holy site after its temporary closure following the shooting of a prominent Jewish activist.

40 minutes ago // Newsvine

world Egypt Flattens Neighborhoods to Create a Buffer With Gaza

CAIRO — With bulldozers and dynamite, the Egyptian Army on Wednesday began demolishing hundreds of houses, displacing thousands of people, along the border with Gaza in a panicked effort to establish a buffer zone that officials hope will stop the influx of militants …

41 minutes ago // VOA

world China to Send Elite Army Unit to Help Fight Ebola in Liberia

China will dispatch an elite unit from the People's Liberation Army to help Ebola-hit Liberia, the Foreign Ministry said on Friday, responding to U.N. calls for a greater global effort to fight the deadly virus in West Africa. Washington has led the international drive to stop the spread of the disease that has killed nearly 5,000 people, sending thousands of troops and committing about $1 billion, but Beijing has faced criticism for not doing enough. The PLA squad, which has experience from

41 minutes ago // MSNBC

world Syrian Refugee Turns Down Prize to Stay With Sister

A Syrian refugee is likely to turn down a chance to go back to school because he cant bear to leave his sister behind.

42 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Burkina Faso: violent clashes in over plans to extend presidents rule

At least three people reported dead in fighting, while Blaise Compaor backtracks and says he will stand down Burkina Fasos revolution 2.0 Continue reading...

43 minutes ago // Reuters

world Hungary will shelve plans for internet tax for now, PM says

BUDAPEST Reuters - Hungary will shelve plans to introduce a tax on internet data traffic that has generated big protests over the past week, and will revisit regulating and taxing money made online next year, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday.

44 minutes ago // Time

world New Indonesian President Jokowi Talks Tough With Fading Power Australia

Indonesia's newfound chest-thumping may simply be a fledgling administration's efforts to win domestic approval, but is nonetheless indicative of shifting powers in the region

47 minutes ago // BBC

world Double contest for Scottish Labour

The Scottish Labour party is now seeking both a new leader and a new deputy leader following the resignation of Anas Sarwar.

47 minutes ago // BBC

world Joint contests for Scottish Labour

The Scottish Labour party is now seeking both a new leader and a new deputy leader following the resignation of Anas Sarwar.

50 minutes ago // BBC

world RBS reserves 400m for currency probe

Royal Bank of Scotland sets aside 400m to cover potential costs from an investigation into possible manipulation of the foreign exchange market.

52 minutes ago // The Guardian

world China upholds death penalty for three who led mass stabbing in Kunming

Intermediate court rejects appeals by terrorists convicted over railway station incident in which 31 people were killed Continue reading...

52 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

world Big Banks Brace for Penalties in Probes

Big banks in the U.S. and Europe are stockpiling billions to pay for a potential trans-Atlantic settlement of allegations that they manipulated foreign-exchange rates.

59 minutes ago // New York Times

world Sinosphere Blog: Q. and A.: Larry Diamond on Political Change in Hong Kong

Larry Diamond, a political sociologist, discussed the prospects for political liberalization in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland in light of the pro-democracy demonstrations.

1 hour ago // Al Jazeera

world Malaysian boys sue over MH370 disappearance

Two boys seek damages over loss of father in first legal action over mysterious Flight MH370 tragedy that shocked world.

1 hour ago // The Telegraph

world Halloween in America: the true horror story

As America braces for the annual pumpkin and candy-fest, Peter Foster lifts the lid on the real Halloween

1 hour ago // VOA

world Lawmaker Blasts US Participation in Cuba Ebola Meeting

One of Washington's most vocal opponents of the Castro brothers' regime in Cuba has blasted the U.S. decision to attend an Ebola conference in Havana this week. Representative Mario Diaz-Balart called the participation of a mid-level official from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the two-day multinational meeting "a disgrace." The United States has no official diplomatic relationship with the Communist island nation. Dr. Nelson Arboleda, Director of CDCs Guatemala office

1 hour ago // BBC

world Ulster Bank to be retained by RBS

RBS will retain control of Ulster Bank and says it has a good market position that can deliver attractive returns.

1 hour ago // ABC

world Full Episode: WN 10/30: FBI Most Wanted Eric Frein Arrested

Plane crash at Wichita airport kills at least 4, including the pilot; Kaci Hickox and the state of Maine in a deadlock.

1 hour ago // ABC

world Romania to Vote for New Leader; Corruption Ignored

Romania's prime minister is favorite to be its next president; voters blase about corruption

1 hour ago // BBC

world Japan snack maker to create 100 jobs

A Japanese savoury snacks manufacturer is creating 100 new jobs at Deeside Enterprise Zone, opening its first factory in Europe.

1 hour ago // ABC

world Shelters Fill up After Deadly Sri Lanka Mudslide

More mudslides possible in Sri Lanka but residents say shelters are full

1 hour ago // Wall Street Journal

world Plan for Uncontrolled Ebola Trial Draws Fire

Medical groups in the U.K. and France say that it would be unethical to hold back experimental Ebola treatments from anyone. U.S. officials say that without control groups getting placebos, it cant be known whether the drugs are saving lives or killing people.

1 hour ago // Reuters

world Jupp's star rises amid French leadership void

PARIS Reuters - He has a criminal record for corruption and as prime minister in the 1990s caused France's worst unrest since May 1968 with a failed austerity push. Two decades on, opinion polls show he is the country's most respected politician in office.

1 hour ago // The Guardian

world Violent clashes in Burkina Faso over plans to extend presidents rule

At least three people reported dead in fighting, while Blaise Compaor backtracks and says he will stand down Burkina Fasos revolution 2.0 Continue reading...

1 hour ago // The Washington Post

world WorldViews: The Berlin Wall fell 25 years ago but Germany is still divided

It can be hard for visitors to Berlin to imagine where the Berlin Wall once separated Germany's communist East from theU.S.-friendly West.Today,commuters run to catch a metro where trains stood for nearly 40 years. Curried sausages are sold and illegal but popularparties are celebrated in empty warehousesjust feetfrom where EastGermans were shotby their own countrymen as they triedto cross the border to the west.

1 hour ago // The Telegraph

world Kim Jong-un in pictures: The bizarre photoshoots of North Korea's leader

The bizarre photo opportunities of North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un.

1 hour ago // Fox News

world Romania's prime minister is favorite to be its next president; voters blase about corruption

Romanians go to the polls Sunday to elect a new leader as President Traian Basescu steps down after 10 years.