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3 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

world Ireland On Course to Back Same-Sex Marriage

Irish voters appear to have approved a proposal to allow same-sex couples to marry, putting Ireland on course to become the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage by popular vote.

18 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Ireland on course for Yes result in gay-marriage referendum, says Gerry Adams - video

Vote counting is well underway in Ireland's historic referendum on same-sex marriage on Saturday. It appears, at this stage in the count, that the traditionally Catholic country has voted heavily in favour of allowing same-sex marriage. Final results are not expected until late afternoon but a Yes result would make Ireland the first country to adopt same-sex marriage via a popular vote, just two decades after the country decriminalised homosexuality

19 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world In Panama, corruption inquiries grow after president's tenure ends

Sometimes it seems that to find your way around today's Panama City, you must look up.

19 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Ice and the Sky review - powerful eco doc fronts up to climate change deniers

March of the Penguins Luc Jacquet goes back to Antarctica for this study of the lifes work of influential climatologist Claude Lorius, which offers a strong message Continue reading...

23 minutes ago // NPR

world Gates: Obama Should Step Up Military Assistance To Iraq

The former secretary of defense says that even stepping up the rules of engagement for U.S. troops in Iraq might not keep ISIS in check. "There's no certainty about any of this," he says.

27 minutes ago // Reuters

world Germany declines comment on reported 'deep freeze' with U.S. intelligence

BERLIN Reuters - The German government declined to comment on a report that U.S. intelligence agencies were reviewing their cooperation with German counterparts and had dropped joint projects due to concerns secret information was being leaked by lawmakers.

27 minutes ago // The Guardian

world Ireland: Twitter users celebrate probable gay marriage victory

As early results show yes campaign has won by wide margin, celebrities and well-wishers express joy online Continue reading...

29 minutes ago // ABC

world China-Taiwan Talks Seek to Maintain Momentum for Closer Ties

China-Taiwan talks seek to maintain momentum for closer ties, amid public's skepticism

32 minutes ago // New York Times

world Gay Marriage Appears Headed for Approval in Ireland

Opinion polls and high turnout in urban areas favored a yes vote on the referendum, which would make Ireland the first nation to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote.

34 minutes ago // MSNBC

world This Center Is Empowering, Healing Iran's Women

A one-of-a-kind charity Iranian women and girls escape desperate poverty and horrific domestic abuse.

35 minutes ago // NPR

world Dozens Dead In Mexican Shootout Between Gangs, Police

At least 43 people were killed in what is being described as the worst gun battle with drug gangs in recent memory.

35 minutes ago // The Independent

world American man pronounced dead 'starts moving on the way to the morgue'

An American man appeared to return from the grave this week after he reportedly began to move an hour after he was declared dead.

36 minutes ago // Boston Herald

world Syrian official: Islamic State militants in Palmyra's museum

DAMASCUS, Syria Islamic State fighters broke into the museum of the ancient town of Palmyra, though its artifacts have been removed and are safe, a Syrian official said Saturday.

37 minutes ago // VOA

world Battlefield Gains for IS Raise Fears of Assault on Baghdad

The Islamic State group seized the last government-held border crossing to Iraq early Friday, the latest in a series of terrotorial gains for the terror group, and there are mounting fears the group could soon launch an assault on the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. Now in full control of the Syrian city of Palmyra, Islamic State fighters tear down pro-government banners and portraits of President Bashar al-Assad from the walls of a gas facility on the outskirts of town. There are fears that their

38 minutes ago // The Independent

world Purity balls: Girls in the US making virginity pledges as fathers vow to 'protect purity'

A woman stands in a flowing white dress while a man holds her wearing a dark suit the photo immediately appears like any portrait of a newly-married bride and groom.

44 minutes ago // USA Today

world Ireland poised to legalize gay marriage as votes tallied

Leading figures from both sides said the voting patterns appeared to signal a major victory for the "Yes" side.

50 minutes ago // MSNBC

world Holiday Weekend Washout: Flood Threat from Heavy Rains

Millions of Americans were under the threat of floods this Memorial Day weekend as heavy rain was forecast for Texas, Arkansas and southern Plains.

57 minutes ago // UPI

world Ireland backs gay marriage in 'landslide' victory

Amy R. ConnollyDUBLIN, Ireland, May 23 UPI -- Ireland's government ministers said voters overwhelmingly approved a measure to allow civil same-sex marriage.

59 minutes ago // ABC

world China-Taiwan Talks Seek to Maintain Momentum for Closer Ties

China-Taiwan talks seek to maintain momentum for closer ties, amid skepticism among public

1 hour ago // Fox News

world China-Taiwan talks seek to maintain momentum for closer ties, amid skepticism among public

Negotiators from Taiwan and China have met for talks on a range of issues in an attempt to maintain momentum for the forging of closer ties in the face of a skeptical Taiwanese public.

1 hour ago // Reuters

world Al Shabaab attacks soldiers in south Somalia, two dozen dead

MOGADISHU Reuters - At least 24 people were killed in southern Somalia after fighting between al Shabaab Islamist militants and government forces, residents and the rebel group said on Saturday.

1 hour ago // The Guardian

world Dog-eyed view: the camera that takes a photo whenever your dog gets excited - video

A new camera gadget has been developed that straps a camera to your dog's chest, monitors its heart rate and takes a picture whenever its excited. The product comprises the camera, a specially designed camera case, and a heart-rate monitor strap that communicates with the case via Bluetooth to cause the shutter to trigger when the dog's heartbeat increases

1 hour ago // The Independent

world Ireland gay marriage vote: 'No' campaign appears to concede amid reports of 'yes' landslide victory

The Republic of Ireland appears set to become the first country to introduce same-sex marriage by a popular vote, especially now since the no campaign appears to have conceded.

1 hour ago // ABC

world Full Episode: Nightline 05/22/15: Josh Duggar: '19 Kids and Counting' Star Responds to Sexual Abuse Claims

The Women of the Indy 500; With More Drones Comes More Privacy Concerns

1 hour ago // NPR

world 'They're Not Gang Members': Bikers Protest Mass Arrests In Waco

Bikers claim that many who were arrested in the Waco, Texas, brawl last week were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. But police say the bikers were "known criminal gang members."

1 hour ago // BBC

world 'Congestion' issue at Grayson's home

A rise in visitors to Grayson Perry's Essex dream house forces neighbours to put up a home-made road sign.

1 hour ago // MSNBC

world Family Feud Simmers at Public Viewing of B.B. King

More than 350 people were already lined up when doors opened to see B.B. King one last time.

1 hour ago // VOA

world Battlefield Gains for IS Raise Fears of Assault on Baghdad

Reports from Syria say the so-called Islamic State group, also known as ISIS or ISIL, has seized the last government-held border crossing to Iraq. Its the latest in a series of territorial gains for the group, and there are mounting fears that it could soon launch an assault on the Iraqi capital. Henry Ridgwell looks at how Islamic State continues to fight on several fronts against coalition and government forces.

1 hour ago // The Times of India

world Irish voters back gay marriage in 'social revolution'

Irish voters backed same-sex marriage by a landslide in a referendum marking a dramatic social shift in the traditionally Catholic country, government ministers and opponents of the bill said on Saturday.

1 hour ago // The Washington Post

world WorldViews: Map: The Islamic States disturbingly successful week

Well, the Islamic State had quite a week.After more than a year of clashes with Iraqi forces and with opposition groups in Syria, the militant groupclaimed two major cities, showing both the Iraqi army's weaknesses and the militant group's growing power.

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world Obama has a strategy for fighting ISIS -- one that isn't working

Obama administration critics often charge that the president has no strategy in the war against Islamic State, but that's not true.

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world At Indy 500, it's a showdown between Honda, Chevrolet engines

At Sunday's 99th running of the Indianapolis 500, half the engines circling the track at nearly 200 mph will have come from a small factory in the Santa Clarita hills.

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world Tamale-shaped building at center of preservation dispute

Fernando Alarcon doesn't dwell too much on what it means to be the filling of a tamale.

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world 'Gotham' star Ben McKenzie speeds out of the Hollywood Hills

Ben McKenzie, who stars in the series "Gotham," listed his Hollywood Hills house for sale at $1.895 million and in less than a week it was in escrow.

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world A garage with a view in Hollywood Hills

In L.A.'s car-centric culture, a great place to park can sometimes take center stage. This remodeled Midcentury Modern-style house in the Hollywood Hills has a newly built glass-walled garage inspired by a scene from the film "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world How to stay healthy at those grueling music festivals

Coachella may be a foggy memory, but those who tread the music festival circuit have a busy few months ahead. Notable festivals still to come include Bonnaroo in Tennessee, Outside Lands in San Francisco and Electric Daisy in New York and Las Vegas.