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16 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

world Americans Dressed as Mexican Marines Pursue Cartels

U.S. Marshals Service personnel are disguising themselves as Mexican Marines to take part in armed raids against drug suspects in Mexico.

23 minutes ago // BBC

world British IS fighters 'killed in Syria'

Two British men are reported to have been killed while fighting alongside Islamic State militants in Syria.

23 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world UCLA names athletic complex after Jackie Robinson

UCLA announced it is naming its athletic facilities after Jackie Robinson in honor of the 75th anniversary of his enrollment at the university.

23 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Girls' basketball: Mater Dei is No. 1 in state preseason rankings

Santa Ana Mater Dei has been ranked No. 1 by in its preseason state girls' basketball rankings.

29 minutes ago // CBS

world "Dream trip" to Disney World turns into deadly nightmare

Parents, 3 children killed in accident on interstate during road trip from Texas to Florida

30 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world UCLA's Brett Hundley is the wild card USC has trouble dealing with

Terry Donahue was part of 28 UCLA-USC games, as a player, assistant coach and head coach for the Bruins. That hands-on experience led him to one conclusion:

31 minutes ago // Newsvine

world Israel pitches 'massive' natural gas pipeline plan to Europe The Times of Israel

Israel has proposed that EU countries invest in a multi-billion euro pipeline to carry its natural gas to the continent, noting that the supply from Israel would reduce Europe’s current dependence on natural gas from Russia. A proposal for the “massi …

35 minutes ago // BBC

world Monsieur Romieu - a 'man of talents'

At a time of international conflict two centuries ago, did Britain assassinate an enemy agent while the world was looking the other way?

36 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world An eight-team College Football Playoff would level playing fields

The College Football Playoff is a 12-year arrangement still three weeks from naming its first four-team field, and people are already calling for change.

37 minutes ago // CBS

world Window washer survives 11-story fall onto moving car in S.F.

Man seriously injured after falling from a building and landing onto a car in city's financial district

38 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Plenty of passion, little agreement on Obama's immigration order

Regular readers of The Times' letters page have probably gathered that the topic of immigration has the unique ability to galvanize writers into all-or-nothing, uncompromising sides: those who demand strict enforcement of the law and concerted efforts to deport as many of the undocumented as...

39 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Would UC be better off as a private university?

To the editor: The University of California system needs a secure and predictable funding stream. The approved 5% annual tuition increases each of the next five years would meet that need. "In widely opposed move, UC regents set to hike tuition up to 5% yearly," Nov. 19

39 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world ACLU says no to LAPD drones

To the editor: For the second time this year, the ACLU of Southern California learned in newsprint that, according to Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck, we are collaborating with the LAPD to draft a drones policy. As noted in a correction published by The Times on Wednesday, this...

40 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world 'Shirtstorm' lesson: It's not OK to diss women with a shirt

To the editor: It's a first for me to agree with Jonah Goldberg: Rosetta project scientist Matt Taylor's infamous shirt was "unsuitable professional attire." "The feminist freakout over the scientist's 'girly' shirt," Op-Ed, Nov. 17

41 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Congress should give Obama the legal OK to fight Islamic State

To the editor: I agree with my colleague Rep. Adam Schiff D-Burbank that Congress should pass legislation authorizing operations against Islamic State. We should repeal and replace the authorization Congress passed shortly after 9/11 and redefine presidential authority to conduct military...

43 minutes ago // CBS

world Danica McKellar is married

Former star of "The Wonder Years" wed Scott Sveslosky last weekend

43 minutes ago // CBS

world "Sherlock" fans warned to expect "tragedy" in season 4

Series co-creator hints at what's to come for Sherlock and Watson as the hit British series prepares to return

44 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world EU lawmakers consider urging Google to be split up

The European Unions parliament is considering a proposal that pushes for Googles dominant search engine business to be split from its other commercial services, according to media reports.

47 minutes ago // The Guardian

world First NHS staff leave to help fight Ebola in Sierra Leone

Thirty of about 1,000 NHS volunteers, including GPs, nurses and psychiatrists, fly out after intensive training Continue reading...

47 minutes ago // BBC

world Chilean colonels jailed for torture

Two retired Chilean colonels - Ramon Caceres and Edgar Ceballos - are jailed for torturing the father of President Michelle Bachelet in 1973.

47 minutes ago // BBC

world Rochester fallout and Claudia's 'relief' - the papers

Papers examine what UKIP's win in the Rochester by-election means for Labour and the Conservatives, and preview Claudia Winkleman's return to Strictly Come Dancing.

48 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Scrappy newspaper rack

His eye caught by the doodles, Edward Conde photographed a newspaper rack on Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills on Oct. 30. Drawing his inspiration from a couple of old-school photographers he's been reading about, Conde has been photographing the mundane.

48 minutes ago // The Independent

world Postcard from... Brussels

People across Britain are already accustomed to their shopping bills being a few pence more expensive if they forget their reusable supermarket bag. And yesterday all other nations across the European Union signed up to legislation to introduce similar measures, as part of a drive to drastically reduce the number of plastic bag

48 minutes ago // BBC

world Radical Independence holds conference

More than 3,000 people are expected to gather in Glasgow for the Radical Independence Campaign's annual conference.

49 minutes ago // BBC

world Lib Dems to back welfare devolution

The Liberal Democrats are set to back the transfer of powers over welfare to the Scottish Parliament, BBC Scotland has learned.

51 minutes ago // MSNBC

world House Benghazi Report Knocks Down Many Rumors

House Select Committee on Intelligence report debunked many of the theories following the deadly Sept. 11, 2012 attack on in Benghazi, Libya.

54 minutes ago // Los Angeles Times

world Hurricane Mama's impressive set of pipes

With its jutting wood pipes, the Walt Disney Concert Hall organ is visually king of the king of instruments. It is, in addition, a sonically and palpably present organ tuned for the hall's clear, pure and tactile acoustics. The composer Terry Riley dubbed it Hurricane Mama for a reason.

54 minutes ago // Wall Street Journal

world After Fierce Crackdown, Egypt's Brotherhood Retains Sway

Though much weakened after its year in power in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood still represents a major thrust of public opinion in the Arab worlds largest country, and in the wider Middle East.

55 minutes ago // Newsvine

world Al-Aqsa prayers quiet but Jews attacked later

After Israel dropped age restrictions for attending Friday prayers for the second week running, tens of thousands of people made their way to the Al-Aqsa mosque compound in occupied Arab east Jerusalem. Police were out in force to prevent a repeat of clashes, led by young Pales …

55 minutes ago // NPR

world House Panel Finds 'No Intelligence Failure' Before Benghazi Attack

The final report by the House Intelligence Committee concludes that the CIA "ensured sufficient security for CIA facilities in Benghazi and... bravely assisted the State Department" on Sept. 11, 2012.

57 minutes ago // New York Times

world Officials Sound Alarm About Potential Ebola Crisis in Mali

Leaders of the U.N. and W.H.O. said nearly 500 people in Mali and Guinea had been exposed to a sickened imam who had been misdiagnosed.

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world 1.1 million immigrant parents in California qualify for deportation relief

More than 1 million immigrant parents in California will be eligible for deportation relief under President Obama's deferred action program, according to a Pew Research Center Study.

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world Philae's location on comet still a mystery, but answer may come soon

The Philae lander's precise location remains a mystery more than a week after it touched down on a comet, but now science detectives say they are getting closer to figuring out exactly where it ended up.

1 hour ago // Reuters

world Cuban migrants head off from Caymans, bound for Honduras

GEORGE TOWN Cayman Islands Reuters - A group of 15 Cuban migrants waved to onlookers as they set sail from Grand Cayman aboard a 14-foot homemade boat on Friday after a brief overnight stop, hoping to make the risky 400-mile journey across the Caribbean to the north coast of Honduras.

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world Brain tapeworm caused man's four-year headache

The tapeworm was nearly 4 inches long and had traveled from one hemisphere of a mans brain to the other. By the time doctors finally removed it, after nearly four years of it wriggling through his brain matter, the 50-year-old had suffered memory flashbacks, pain on his right side and...

1 hour ago // Los Angeles Times

world Miss Golden Globe 2015: 7 minutes with Greer Grammer

Think: 10 a.m. breakfast in bed, celebrating a two-year anniversary with her boyfriend in Carmel. Romantic, to say the least, and it was about to get better for Greer Grammer when informed she would be Miss Golden Globe 2015.